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What If It Was Possible To Bloom?


The easy path in life is to complain about the breaks someone else got that you didn’t, the challenges you are facing, the lack of resources, the lack of opportunities, but where does that get you? You end up in exactly the same place but have wasted hours of time sharing your story of how […]

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The Transfer of Value in Dog Training

I think we should collectively agree about something. Here it is; relationships are not actually the way they are portrayed in the movies. If you attempt to smack your significant other across the face during an argument, don’t count on it ending up in some mushy romantic scene on the closest sofa. Likewise, while playing […]

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News You Never Want To Hear About ANY Dog…

It is something no one should ever have to hear about their not yet 7-year-old dog. I froze and my mind went whirling, I suddenly found it difficult to get out all of the questions that were racing through my head.  As my Uber driver was pulling into Los Angeles Airport, I was talking to Kim […]

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Recovering From Loss: What Are You Focused On?

Adrian puppy Fi,jpg

Tragedy can be permanently scaring to those it touches. Disoriented, confused, mixed with feelings of anguish and guilt makes it difficult to know how to move forward. Last night many people from my local agility community gathered here at Say Yes to celebrate the life of an awesome man, Adrian Rooyackkers, who’s life was cut […]

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