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Critical Elements for Swagger & Raven

Very exciting day. Tomorrow 4 1/2 month old Swagger and his cousin Raven start their first ever “Advances in Dog Training” and “Critical Elements course (formerly known as puppy camp). I am certain neither puppy will have any issue with the skills required (we both have an advantage here) but it is the environment with […]

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Lucy & Ethel

Wow what a week it has been and it is only Thursday! Lynda has been here most of the week helping me put the finishing touches on our 5MinuteFormula for a Brilliant Recall Course.  With so much to do at one point our multitasking made us feel a little bit like Lucy and Ethel in […]

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Recalls in Perspective

I received this letter from a student yesterday that I thought it was well worth posting it to all of you. Not just because of the uber nice things she says about me, but to put all of this focus on recalls into perspective. Hi Susan, I am writing to express my gratitude to you.  […]

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Survey Says . . .

Thanks to everyone for your feedback on the recall survey. I closed it down last night. Your comments have been invaluable. It makes no sense for me to design an e-course for you all based on what I think you need without finding out from you what you think you want! Often times what we […]

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Planning to Fail

Reading through your questions and comments on recalls makes me wonder if you guys have introduced what I refer to as “Planned Failures” in your dog training. Don’t fall for any cute looks when your dog fails, be strong and don’t “help” them. Planned failures happen in a controlled environment when the following conditions apply: […]

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Relationship Truce

Wow, am I ever excited. It is going to be a tough week because I have a ton of stuff I want to share with all of you BUT on top of that, I have Greg and Laura Derrett here this week, so I will be a very busy teaching our biggest camp of the […]

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Hitting A Nerve . . .

Recently, after teaching for three weeks on the road, I wrote this statement on my facebook status . . . “There is nothing more important that teaching your dog a reliable recall, nothing . . . it is the foundation of all brilliance and it reflects the relationship you have with your dog.” I …

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Recalls & Newsletters

Okay, yesterday I left you with bit of  a cliff hanger.  Why not do your recall work dangling your dog’s favorite toy as you run.  Flyball trainers do it and their dogs run fast right? Two things about that, first of all, it is not good dog training but in flyball it doesn’t have as […]

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Recalls … a worthwhile investment

Anytime I do a foundation workshop I mention the tremendous importance I put on a  good recall. Not only is it lifesaving, everything grows from it. Focus for work, focus for you, the ability to control your dog at a distance and even handling gets a head start with a great recall. A dog that […]

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