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The Danger of Agility “Just-For-Fun”

I know that many of you would have read the title of this blog post and done a double take …. and could well be thinking “that Susan Garrett has gone a bit cray cray, she has spent years telling us that agility and dog training should be fun!”.  You are right … well maybe […]

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2 Key Elements to Agility Success

I’ve recently travelled back home from this year’s FCI Agility World Championships held in Finland. Being on a plane always gives me time to think… and my thoughts turned to what leads to agility success. Agility success can be at any level of the sport, from if you are just starting right through to being […]

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Does your dog have a CUE… or NO Clue?

As you may know, I have recently returned from the FCI Agility World Championships in Sweden. When travelling home, I decided I wanted to document my experience as a way of running a ‘clarity check’ for Momentum and me as an agility team. No matter what you have accomplished; it is always a good thing […]

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The Winners: Handling360 Video Contest Fall 2016


The results of our Fall Handling360 video contest are in. Over the past week you have selected two stories from Round One, Round Two and Round Three to go the final round, and then voted for the two in the Season Finale that touched you the most. We have loved sharing these agility stories with […]

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Quick QUIZ: New Agility Training Assessment Tool!


Is Your Agility Training Focused on What Your Dog Really Needs? I have put together this cool assessment tool that is helping agility folk decide where they should be focusing their training. So far the results have been scarily accurate. This super quick 10 question quiz will laser your training focus to what will bring out […]

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Be Your Best in Agility: Tip #9 Take time out


Agility Trial Success Tip #9: Step out of the trial environment for a mental break throughout the day. Research shows how mental breaks in athletics increases and replenishes attention span, encourages focus and stronger solid outcomes. We all love to watch and support our friends but be sure to give yourself time away from the […]

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