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Five Lessons Taught By One Great Dog

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The most painful day as a dog owner isn’t the pain of embarrassment when our agility dog knocks just about every bar on a jumpers course, nor is it having to come up with the cash to pay a rather large and unexpected veterinarian bill. I think each of you who owns a dog knows […]

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Advice from an Agility Dog Super Hero

If someone would have told me 10 years ago that my “gotta-live-life-on-the-edge” red Border Collie Buzz would live to be 16 years old, I would have seriously doubted their logic. I mean, don’t most kamikaze pilots have a shortened life expectancy? What a blessing Buzz has been. As a youngster Buzz never held back. It […]

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Making the Best Decisions for our Senior Dogs

Some of us fortunate dog owners will, at some point in time, have the great honour of living with a senior dog. Senior dogs make me laugh. Our relationship develops in a completely different way then it did when these dogs were my “competition partners.” What defines “senior,” I think is for each of us […]

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January in Canada

I hope all of you have had a great start to your new year. As you may have noticed I have been hibernating up here in Canada. Truthfully I haven’t been doing much except spending time with John and my dogs. This is the first January in 13 years that John and I are not […]

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Buzzy Wins The Alberton Spring Classic!

We have had great weather here the last few days. All the dogs are certainly enjoying it. I put together this little video of Buzz having fun now that he is feeling so much better. I can’t stress enough to all of you with older dogs (and those that own dogs that will some day […]

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A Very Deep Sleep and Other Random Thoughts

Home from Finland late yesterday. John and I went out for supper then I went to bed at 7:30 and didn’t wake up until 5 AM. I think I needed the rest. Normally I am a very light sleeper, last night I don’t remember John coming to bed at all, although he says I sat […]

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A Neccessary Untruth

So John and I have had this agreement when I go away to teach. It is that he will lie to me. I think it may be unfair to him, but he doesn’t complain and luckily he has rarely had to lie. So the agreement is, that if anything happens to one of my dogs […]

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Ramblings from the Weekend

Just a few thoughts from the three day seminar I just wrapped up here in Florida. I passed by this little tricket in the grass every day and I just had to take a snapshot of it on my last day. Yes I know it is just the squeeky out of a dog toy, but […]

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