It’s not something you quickly associate with dog training, but it happens all too often. I was walking my dogs recently on a cold winter’s day… and I started to reflect on the dip in mood that happens to a lot of people in the cold weather… Many of us respond to it differently, and one way that I’ve seen this unfold is…bullying.

So I’ve put together a quick walking chat video on bullying to help understand why it happens, what to do if it’s happening to you, and also what to do if you might be dishing out the harmful words.


What you may discover in this video: 

  • How to deal with difficult situations,
  • How to protect yourself against bullying,
  • And a wake up call for those of us that might be accidentally bullying someone!

IMPORTANT: If you are being bullied and it is affecting your health and happiness, please seek professional help. My heart goes out to you if you are hurting. My words are here only to create awareness and are not professional advice.

Today I am grateful for dog lovers everywhere who are open-minded, open-hearted, and who look for the best in people and in dogs.