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Head Halters VS A Flat Buckle Collar


Today I wrote a post for a training list about head halters being my tool of choice in training. I thought I would share it here with all of you. Don’t get me wrong, I want all of my dogs on a flat collar– it is easier on so may levels. However, I want the […]

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What Can You Do in 5 Minutes?

I can’t tell you how excited, proud, grateful, happy I am when I read comments like Esther’s this morning;   Got a succesfull recall off a deerhunt this morning …. YES !!! I love it that playing these 5 minute games since only a week is already paying off that quickly.! That is it. Five minutes […]

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Help Is On the Way!

Membership has it’s privilages . . . but it also has its hiccups! No worries though, we have them all covered. I may sound like a broken record, but I just can’t say enough about the job Jason and Andrea of WebManna have done for me with this new venture. Jason didn’t go to bed […]

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Grow the Value

Some of you have noted that what was valuable to your dog as a puppy is not the same today. That is great actually, since most of what was valuable as a puppy with my Border Collies involved chasing things away from me and that isn’t conducive to effective training! Time for each of you […]

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Questions, Concerns & Family

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments on the blog. Lots of great questions as well in anticipation of the new e course. I am going to cover a few here today. Many concerns from those of you that live alone and how are you going to do these restrained recalls without someone […]

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Can I Touch You Through My Computer Screen?

I thought the title of this post sounded a bit naughty but I figured, at the very least, it would get your attention. Today I have a great surprise for everyone. If you are a newsletter subscriber, and have read my latest newsletter, you will know that I am planning on launching an e-course, likely […]

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Planning to Fail is the Path to Success

When you plan to fail one of the most important components of your plan is “what do I do when my dog does fail?” To answer this question, keep in mind the most critical element of training the way I do and that is you must control the access to reinforcement. So the first thing […]

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First You Gotta Lose the Training Wheels

On the blog last week over one hundred of you wrote in that you had difficulties calling your dog away from certain distractions. Thirty of you wrote in that people and dogs where difficult for your dog while more than 60 of you said it was wildlife; kangaroos, squirrels, deer, bunnies, birds etc that …

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Investigating Recalls

Okay with all of the responses to this thread you guys have got me really charged up. I have been burning the midnight oil! With the help of my friend Kim, I put together a survey to better investigate what is going on. So if you get a chance please fill it out at …

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