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Mixing Methodologies

Okay, I just love this photo of the “great white” from yesterday’s video, yes this is my special “DeeDog” girle “DeCaff.” She claims not guilty, I tend to believe her as all our dogs are just a product of what we know. To follow up on yesterday’s blog post about the impact of “corrections” on […]

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Non Reward Markers: Reducing the Use

It seems everyone has a slightly different slant on their application of Non Reward Markers (NRMs) in training. Here is a little more on my approach. First of all, I never use them in training during a value building session (shaping). Actually, I rarely use them at all while teaching anything. I can think of […]

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Punishment In Today’s Dog Training

I thought it was time to address my thoughts on the use, abuse, misuse and the misunderstanding of the “non reward marker” (NRM) in dog training A non reward marker is usually a word or phrase that when spoken to your dog, lets him know that no reward will be earned for that particular response. […]

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Punishment: Pros and Cons

Some great comments from yesterday’s post. Here is the kicker though, not all dogs that are trained with positive punishment will cower in fear or tuck their tail oreven dislike training.  The truth is, a very skill trainer that has brilliant timing can produce a seemingly happy working dog while using some pretty massive doses […]

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What the Heck is Going on at Vero Beach?

I thought this picture was a hoot so I would post it and leave it to your imagination for a few days. Masters camp is under way here at Vero Beach and everyone put in a great deal of energy into their work yesterday. I installed the use of  some fun punishment in my teaching […]

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Dissecting Punishment

Feature driving across the dogwalk. Ken Kennedy.

One of last week’s blog posted caused a bit of a stir amoungst some of you so I will deal with a couple of comments that were made.    From Nelci   AWESOME!! Love the picture of Feature on the Teeter. I do have some questions, after this “exercise” with Feature and the DW, what […]

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Are You Loved By A Wiener?

While away teaching during this past week I had more than one student question the need to reward their dog with anything other than praise. One woman argued her case by saying “I want my dog to love me more than a wiener.” My immediately thought was how strange that you are loved by …

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