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Planning for a Successful Shaping Session with Your Dog

Last week we looked at creating a positive experience when visiting the vet. This includes shaping our dogs to cooperate in their own care.  Over the years on my blog, I’ve written a lot about the benefits of shaping. I’ve even included a video of a comparison of my own shaping sessions. The truth is, […]

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The Secret Sauce For Enthusiasm … Balance Breaks!

Fun is an essential ingredient to training success for you and your dog, and the secret sauce to maintaining enthusiasm and engagement in a training session is to take a break. We call these “balance breaks” and also use “reset cookies”. It might seem counter-intuitive to break your training session at first, but jump in […]

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Positive Dog Training and the Difference in Shaping

Last week we looked at luring vs shaping, so it’s only fair that this week we are looking at shaping vs shaping. Recently in one of our Inner Circle coaching calls, we were discussing shaping, successive approximations, and the role of failure in dog training (we may geek out a bit on dog training in […]

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Outrageous Bonus Added to Recallers 3.0

Okay some may think I have completely lost my mind but remember what motivates me; the vision to help dogs world wide be better understood by their owners and to help those owners create a better relationship with their dogs. To that end I have been working on a course, it was supposed to be […]

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Getting Un-Stuck While Shaping

To follow up on a comment written on  yesterday’s blog; what do we do when we are shaping one thing but our dogs get “stuck” offering something she already knows. My first choice is to set things up in my favor to avoid this from ever happening.  Two big things that will help are; Your […]

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Non Reward Markers: Reducing the Use

It seems everyone has a slightly different slant on their application of Non Reward Markers (NRMs) in training. Here is a little more on my approach. First of all, I never use them in training during a value building session (shaping). Actually, I rarely use them at all while teaching anything. I can think of […]

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Planning to Fail

Reading through your questions and comments on recalls makes me wonder if you guys have introduced what I refer to as “Planned Failures” in your dog training. Don’t fall for any cute looks when your dog fails, be strong and don’t “help” them. Planned failures happen in a controlled environment when the following conditions apply: […]

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Shaping Fun

Hey some excellent ideas rolling in to try and shape. I don’t know about shaping the Shar Pei to snore doing her waking hours thought. There could be some physiological stasis that needs to be present before she is even able to snore. I don’t know really but I guess it couldn’t hurt to give […]

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Shaping Challenge

Okay, it is mid winter (for some, okay hard to imagine it as winter here in Florida). Here is a challenge for you all. Sometime before the weekend (that is two days) shape your dog to do something new. Come up with something not related to anything you have been working on. If you need […]

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