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Screw Up Cookies (Your Dog’s Plan B)

Have you ever made a mistake when training your dog? It’s safe to say we all have. Last week we looked at having a Plan B when our dog does something unexpected, so in fairness to our dogs, this post covers when our dogs might need a Plan B for us! Our dog’s response to […]

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How Do I Train My Dog NOT To Jump Up?

Initially, the title of this blog post was “how do I stop my dog jumping?” … then  I changed it to “how do I train my dog not to jump?” … then I added “up” to the end. The changes were made because for agility, we DO want our dogs to jump, and I write […]

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Practical Videoing Tips

Last week I shared strategies to help become comfortable with videoing your dog training and reviewing video. It was a blog post that I hadn’t planned on doing a follow up on, as the intention was just to help with ideas for you on how you can embrace video as the great dog training tool […]

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How To Embrace Videoing Your Dog Training

My mentor, the iconic Bob Bailey, once told me that he believes the most important advancement in the world of animal training during his illustrious career was the advancement of the simplicity of video. What do the words “video your training” mean for you?  Are they words you don’t want to hear, or words you […]

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Setting Yourself Up For Learning Success

I’ve shared many posts where I cover setting our dogs up for success, but it is super important that we set ourselves up for success too. We are always looking to do our best for our dogs and to do that we need to take care of ourselves. I love continuing education and online learning, […]

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The Secret Sauce For Enthusiasm … Balance Breaks!

Fun is an essential ingredient to training success for you and your dog, and the secret sauce to maintaining enthusiasm and engagement in a training session is to take a break. We call these “balance breaks” and also use “reset cookies”. It might seem counter-intuitive to break your training session at first, but jump in […]

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6 Keys to Shaping Behaviour

Recently we looked at the difference in shaping with a video from the archives of my shaping progressions. Today I’m sharing 6 keys that I consider are critical for shaping success. If you are new to shaping or want to brush up your skills, Crate Games is ideal, and the game I have been using […]

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