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Screw Up Cookies (Your Dog’s Plan B)

Have you ever made a mistake when training your dog? It’s safe to say we all have. Last week we looked at having a Plan B when our dog does something unexpected, so in fairness to our dogs, this post covers when our dogs might need a Plan B for us! Our dog’s response to […]

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Where the Heck is Do-Land, Anyway?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the common challenge many have with dogs jumping up on people, and suggested that the best thing that you can do with any struggle is to think about what you want your dog to “do”, and train that. We all have struggles with our dogs, and it […]

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The Mustard Game

Today I’m sharing a game for keeping and building drive that I’ve played with every dog I’ve ever owned since the beginning of time. I call it “The Mustard Game”, and it makes good use of the power of anticipation in our dog training. Of course, there’s science behind anticipation and dopamine if you are […]

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How Do I Train My Dog NOT To Jump Up?

Initially, the title of this blog post was “how do I stop my dog jumping?” … then  I changed it to “how do I train my dog not to jump?” … then I added “up” to the end. The changes were made because for agility, we DO want our dogs to jump, and I write […]

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How Do I Train My Dog To Come When Called?

One of the most pressing questions for anyone who lives with a dog can be “how do I train my dog to come when called?”. Often this is asked when there has been a  recall collapse. It’s also a question we see a lot in our Free Dog Training Facebook Group. I wrote an article […]

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Bark, Lunge, Spin or Wait, Watch, Work?

One of the most frequent questions we see is how to play with multiple dogs, or how to wait turns with your dog at training. I put together a series of six tips previously for Facebook and am now sharing them here for quick reference for you, along with a seventh tip! Tip #1 – […]

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Practical Videoing Tips

Last week I shared strategies to help become comfortable with videoing your dog training and reviewing video. It was a blog post that I hadn’t planned on doing a follow up on, as the intention was just to help with ideas for you on how you can embrace video as the great dog training tool […]

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