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Lurers Anonymous (Luring vs Shaping)

When you are training your dog, it can seem easy to pull out a cookie and lure your dog to do something. But you need to ask yourself what learning will be taking place in the dog’s mind. Generally, it is “do nothing and I will get rewarded for it”. Luring can take away the […]

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Vlog: How to Teach a Puppy to Retrieve

A puppy’s mind is fully capable of learning at an early age, so there is no need to consider putting off his or her education. What we do need to consider is how that education happens. My puppy controls when we move ahead to the next level of difficulty in our training by the success […]

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Does your dog have a CUE… or NO Clue?

As you may know, I have recently returned from the FCI Agility World Championships in Sweden. When travelling home, I decided I wanted to document my experience as a way of running a ‘clarity check’ for Momentum and me as an agility team. No matter what you have accomplished; it is always a good thing […]

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What’s a Reward for Your Dog? List of Reinforcers

I’ve been blogging about dog training, dog behaviour, dog agility and dogs in general, with a few diversions, for many years now …. far more years than I probably thought when I wrote my first ever blog post. Over the years the topic of reinforcement has featured in many of my posts. In 2009 I […]

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Protect Your Dog’s Confidence

You know, people think I’ve been really lucky with the dogs that I’ve owned, and the success each of those dogs has achieved, but the truth is I’ve worked really hard for a lot of years and over the course of time I’ve found that by creating systems for myself, it’s allowed me to consistently […]

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TOP Say Yes Training Reminders

A few weeks ago we shared my article on “How to Create a Motivating Toy” here on my blog to make it easily accessible. Today we have our top “Say Yes Training Reminders” for you. If you have been following my blog for some time many will be familiar. If you are new to our […]

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How to Create a Motivating Toy

Below is an article that I wrote many years ago… it’s one that you may be familiar with and may have even shared with your dog training buddies or students. But, it has never been on my blog! So here we have it, the article that has helped so many dogs who were not ‘into’ […]

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