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The Danger of Agility “Just-For-Fun”

I know that many of you would have read the title of this blog post and done a double take …. and could well be thinking “that Susan Garrett has gone a bit cray cray, she has spent years telling us that agility and dog training should be fun!”.  You are right … well maybe […]

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The Misbehaviour of Dogs

We get a lot of questions about dogs who misbehave …. dogs who counter surf, raid the garbage, destroy the flower beds, run away when called. You might know a dog like this, or it could even be your dog. One thing we all know is that our dog’s misbehaviour can be frustrating! You have […]

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2 Key Elements to Agility Success

I’ve recently travelled back home from this year’s FCI Agility World Championships held in Finland. Being on a plane always gives me time to think… and my thoughts turned to what leads to agility success. Agility success can be at any level of the sport, from if you are just starting right through to being […]

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Vlog: Important Whys and Hows of Exercising Our Dogs

As committed dog owners, we all know the importance of exercising our dogs minds and bodies for their well being, and so they have the best life possible. Studies have shown that exercise is a common factor in the longevity of dogs. My friend, Rodney Habib, has done extensive research on longevity and joins me […]

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Planning for a Successful Shaping Session with Your Dog

Last week we looked at creating a positive experience when visiting the vet. This includes shaping our dogs to cooperate in their own care.  Over the years on my blog, I’ve written a lot about the benefits of shaping. I’ve even included a video of a comparison of my own shaping sessions. The truth is, […]

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A GAME to Preserve Your Dog’s Recall Cue

There’s a lot of puppy love in our community at the moment, with many people welcoming a new pup into their family. Several years ago, I wrote about a game that will help preserve your recall cue with your puppy, and this seems like a great time to post it here on my blog. Even […]

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