The easy path in life is to complain about the breaks someone else got that you didn’t, the challenges you are facing, the lack of resources, the lack of opportunities, but where does that get you?

You end up in exactly the same place but have wasted hours of time sharing your story of how disadvantaged you have been.

“Bloom where you are planted.”

Make the best out of what you do have. Start today, set down roots and create the best possible outcome for yourself… then celebrate that before you make another improvement.

I saw this flower in my garden box this summer and just had to take its photo. I needed to honour the sheer determination this photo represented.

To me it represents never giving up on a dream, never allowing anyone to tell you that you aren’t good enough, or aren’t smart enough or don’t have the proper education or resources.

Most of all, never allow YOU to tell yourself a story that limits YOU in any way.

Don’t take away the possibility of advancing, improving or achieving… regardless if that achievement is losing weight, writing a book, creating more inner peace or winning a world championship.

Start where you are today, be a joy to those around you today. Make an impact, help someone, make someone laugh, contribute in the way that feels most natural to you… and grow.

Neither one of my parents were particularly fond of dogs. I was not given any special advantages, but I didn’t ever think about how that might limit me.

When I wanted to learn about dogs, I volunteered … a lot. I didn’t go to places with the expectations of people giving me anything; I went with the determination to impress people with how fast I could learn. How happy I could be doing the jobs no one else wanted to do. I just started where I was and worked to be in a different place next week.

Learn more, observe more, read more and never think of how “that would never be possible for me” but rather think in terms of “if it was possible for me, what would my first step be?”

Bloom where you are planted… be a blessing and love every minute of your growth.

Today I am grateful for everyone who decides to reframe any limiting story and start to bloom.