As you may or may not know, last week I made my “big decision.” I publicly announced which of my 7 then seven week old puppies I was going to keep for my own. susan and group 7 w

Tomorrow night I will be hosting a “coaching call” for my “Puppy Peaks” members. There I will share more details on why I picked Momentum. In the end, the decision was easy as one puppy absolutely stole my heart.

with feature plank all looking

The puppy formerly known as “Genie” is now officially named “Say Yes to the Game ChangeRR.”  rock

Her registration name reflects the fact that I am “changing my game” a bit.  As I am moving from selecting only red & white Border Collies puppies over the past 25 years to going back to a black & white one.mmtm standing
“Momentum”, as she is now known, was selected for a number of reasons. She appeared to be part glamour girl, part tomboy and part class clown. And, in addition, at the time she also appeared to have a strong attachment to me. 🙂


However it seems like within moments of me making a public announcement that I had selected her as my very own, little Miss Momentum transformed from “attached” to “attacking”, from “brilliant” to “bullying”, from “sweet” to “sinful” and from “self-assured” to “self-absorbed”. I went from calling her fun, fearless and fascinating to other words that started with “F.” 🙂

Momentum release the hounds

Momentum leads the pack off on any adventure the moment an “escape” from confinement is possible.

I can say with a great deal of confidence that each of the other six puppy owners are THRILLED that they do not own her today!

mmtm run

Muddy faced Momentum on the run…in the opposite direction to me.

Yes, I think she quickly became the naughtiest puppy I have ever known!

Take a look at this video montage. What word or words would you use to describe this puppy if she was yours?


Now, of course, all of those “descriptors” are not really “who” this puppy is. It is just me giving names to MY emotions. Labels I put on the puppy while observing the act of her doing what currently just comes naturally to her. My puppy still is that sweet, self-assured and brilliant puppy she has always been. However until I direct what reinforces her in her environment towards what I like, she is going to continue to find those “naughty” but oh so fun for a puppy reinforcements on her own!

mmtm run2

Confident puppies are often labelled as “independent!” The former is something you work with… the later is something you end up working against!

In “Mentum’s” world everything she does is just perfect! My job as her now official “trainer” is to make sure I alter all of those “unplanned coincidences,” those things or events that have produced amazing rewards for her thus far in her life in a better direction!

This transition will be another topic I will discuss with my Puppy Peaks community.

The transition happens through games. Lots and lots of relationship building games. Games the two of us love!

collar grab

Playing the collar grab game with Momentum.

Games of all different varieties, in all different locations.

Learning to retrieve!

Learning to retrieve!

I know we will still have our share of struggles to overcome…but I also know we will have a lot of fun and learn a lot of lessons along the way.

Susan and muddy momemtum

Retrieving Momentum from her adventure in our pond :).

Puppy Peaks is about to get a LOT more interesting as it looks like I have a brand new set of challenges to overcome!

Today I am grateful for how much I already love “the naughtiest puppy I have ever  known.” Can’t wait to see what life will look like a year from now :).