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Expressing Gratitude


The past few months have been an exciting time here at Say Yes. A  brand new blog update website, several new staff members, and many, many people brand new to our Say Yes community. There is so much to celebrate. We are incredibly grateful for our global dog-loving community. It is humbling to have thousands of …

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Looking for All That Is Good

Thank you so much to all of you blog readers for the awesome comments you leave on this blog. Thank you for joining me in celebrating our love for dogs by having positive dialogues that recognize how humour plays a role in engaging conversations. You are so essential in the delivery of all I  share […]

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Back Home

I returned home from Germany late Sunday night and I arrived home with one of my airplane colds:(. Yesterday I slept . . . a lot! I have so much to share with all of you about my experiences at the World Championships in Germany and I promise I will get those lessons posted. Later. […]

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Lessons in Gratitude

Things I find myself thinking about at 5:30 in the morning while I wait for the rain to stop. If you find yourself lamenting about something a friend “did” to you remember to be grateful you have that friend and the lessons you may be learning from them. To those that complain about their “talentless […]

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Behaving Gratitudinaeously

If you have been following my blogs from the beginning you will know that my original blog did come with a warning that my grammer and english may not be perfect. Let me add to that that I may, from time to time, make up my own words. I do and I just did. I […]

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Everything IS Amazing and So Few People are Happy

This is another great video clip for you with Conan O’Brien interviewing comedian Lewis CK.  “Louie” is talking about how amazing life is right now and yet how “non contributing zeros” can still find something to complain about.  Basically the clip is about gratitude and appreciating all that is good with the world we live […]

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More from the NW Regionals

I hope you all received the newsletter that I sent out earlier today where I wrote about the Contact Seminar I gave out west. If not, sorry, I don’t know if I can re-send it. If you are signed up to the newsletter and you didn’t get this installment it could be that your server […]

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An Attitude of Gratitude

There is tons of documentation all over the internet about how adopting an outlook of gratitude improves your life, your health and most importantly your happiness. Regardless of who you are, there are so many opportunities everyday to look at your glass half full but each of these opportunities also give you the chance to […]

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Tweener Camp Starts Today

Reminder for everyone and the theme of camp; aim for balance in everything you do.  Remember if we do the little things greatly, the great things become little. I am grateful to each of you, I read your comments and grow with the knowledge you share with me as I share with you!   Have a great […]

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