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What’s Upcoming

Posted on 01/13/10 14 Comments

Last year I made the decision to not accept any new teaching assignments away from home. I have pretty much stuck to my guns on that and I have turned down most requests to teach, with a couple exceptions. First of all on my way home from my current trip to Florida I will be […]

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What is Holding You Back?

Posted on 01/12/10 20 Comments Canadians head south for a Florida agility trial.

You have heard the cliches like; you must risk much to gain much. It is so true especially when you are a student. This comes up now because today I start the first of 12 days teaching in Florida. I want so much for each student at these camps to get the most out of their […]

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The Puppy One Hundred (and thirty five)

Posted on 01/11/10 24 Comments

Okay since I gave you all a bit of a shake up last week with my cyber behaviour experiment, all good trainers know in order to prevent complete shut down, it is time for a heavy dose of reinforcement. Here you go. It is my new  Puppy One Hundred list. But now, due to the […]

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How Awesome is Reinforcement Really?

Posted on 01/07/10 22 Comments

Okay if you haven’t read yesterday’s blog post, please do or this one won’t make sense to you. Yesterday I had many of you stressing about what I wrote. You were like dogs shutting down on me, leaving the ring or frantically stress running about, looking for challenges in order to gain appeasement. Ain’t it […]

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Weird Facts for a Wednesday

Posted on 01/06/10 20 Comments

We are driving to Florida today, of course I use the royal “we” as it is actually my darling John that does all of the driving.  I am working/goofing off on the internet. So how weird is this. Check out these two photos of Susan Garrett. The Susan Garrett on the left is a Senator […]

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Behaving Gratitudinaeously

Posted on 01/05/10 12 Comments Missy Encore, her first day home.

If you have been following my blogs from the beginning you will know that my original blog did come with a warning that my grammer and english may not be perfect. Let me add to that that I may, from time to time,  make up my own words. I do and I just did. I […]

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Challenges Abound

Posted on 01/04/10 3 Comments Challenges are just in the form of sequences. Check out disk 2 of the 2x2 DVD more ideas.

Okay, so I screwed up and the post I wanted you all to read today (Monday) got posted yesterday (Sunday). SOoo what that means is that everyone has had a head start in finding challenges. If you haven’t read yesterday’s post yet,  please do, we already have a few great resources posted there. My plan […]

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Collecting Challenges

Posted on 01/03/10 28 Comments I am not suggesting you all email Greg Derrett for your challenges but he certainly is one of the many qualified elite handlers that could contact.

Since last week, when I put out the idea that you all should run out and get five weave pole and contact challenges from three elite agility handlers, some of you have come to the conclusion that I should provide you with the actual challenges to try. You guys are cracking me up!  Okay lets […]

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Happy New Year 2010!

Posted on 01/01/10 9 Comments new_years_wedding

Let me take this opportunity to send out my own personal best positive vibes for each of you that regularly visits this blog. Here is wishing 2010 to be the best year ever for each of you!  I know I am totally stoked. I have tons planned for the year. We …

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Susan Garrett’s $5 Certainty Challenge

Posted on 12/31/09 20 Comments My brother Rob, wife Grace and my three nieces (Becky, Rachel & Joy) that that are coming to visit for a couple days (picture taken at least 20 years ago:))

Recently I was asked to give my advise to a fellow blogger (a brilliant blogger btw) whose dog Gustavo gives her moments of joy sandwiched between ones of frustration. From what I can tell it is a stress related behaviour and until further advised with a more thorough background by Laura, I am going in […]

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