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Making Dreams Come True

Posted on 01/29/10 9 Comments

I love this quote “He who cannot change the very fabric of his thought will never be able to change reality.” – Anwar al-Sadat (former Nobel Peace Prize winner, former President of Egypt, until is assassination October 1981) What this quote means to me is that if you want to be a talented agility handler […]

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Start Line Brilliance Begins in the Dryer?

Posted on 01/27/10 26 Comments

I just wrapped up a workshop with young dogs getting ready to trial. I would say less than 30% of the group had really reliable start lines stays.  That is not a good sign. If you don’t have a start line routine before the dog sinks his teeth into how exciting agility can be, trust […]

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Are You Ready to Cellercise?

Posted on 01/26/10 No Comments

Last week I posted a “half” of a picture which some of you picked up as me on some sort of trampoline.  Today I come clean, it is a   rebounder, actually a “Cellerciser” to be more accurate. And I got to tell you how much I love it. So much actually I think everyone […]

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The Barking Agility Dog Hall of Agility Super Stardom

Posted on 01/25/10 39 Comments

Okay being the proud owner of Buzz, (who, if there was a Hall of Fame for Barking Agility Dogs, would be one of the first inductees) I feel it would be remiss if I didn’t come to the defensive of the other owners of barking agility dogs. Yes, I agree, there are some dog owners […]

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Random Barking Thoughts . . . or Barking Random Thoughts

Posted on 01/22/10 24 Comments

I just love this shot. Kristie Moser took in last weekend in Orlando. It is just a crack up. Encore doing all the talking, then there is me, lips pursed, as if trying not to compete with her voice. ********************************************** A lot of great comments about barking this week. Here are a few more thoughts. […]

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Your Course Source

Posted on 01/21/10 2 Comments

Lots of great comments about barking dogs yesterday. I will have more to say about that tomorrow. But for today I have an awesome opportunity for everyone. Our IFCS World team currently has a great fundraiser underway. For Twenty Canadian dollars you get an ebook with 300 course designs of AAC (Agility Association of Canada) […]

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Noise Pollution

Posted on 01/20/10 50 Comments

Being that we are just wrapping up 6 days of camps in the last two weeks I need to make a comment about dogs that bark. Yes I realize this may be a bit of the pot calling the kettle black because if you have seen any video footage of my dogs you will know […]

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What the Heck is Going on at Vero Beach?

Posted on 01/19/10 6 Comments

I thought this picture was a hoot so I would post it and leave it to your imagination for a few days. Masters camp is under way here at Vero Beach and everyone put in a great deal of energy into their work yesterday. I installed the use of  some fun punishment in my teaching […]

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Fun From Orlando

Posted on 01/18/10 4 Comments A brief moment of well behaved dogs getting their picture taken.

Another great trial put on by the Dog-On-It club in Orlando. I am not quite sure how many years John and I have been coming to this trial, but I think it is it is twelve years. It always has been, and still is, one of my favorites. Not only because the venue is beautiful, […]

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Report from Vero Beach Camp

Posted on 01/14/10 7 Comments

Today is day three of our first camp here in Florida. I think everyone is enjoying themselves, even though the weather is atypical for Florida at this time of year. I feel a bit sorry for all of my Canadian students who made the long trip south to get away from the freezing temperatures! Oh […]

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