We have had great weather here the last few days. All the dogs are certainly enjoying it. I put together this little video of Buzz having fun now that he is feeling so much better. I can’t stress enough to all of you with older dogs (and those that own dogs that will some day be old:)) to get your dog’s thyroid checked regularly. Buzzy is a completely different dog on his thyroid meds. It wasn’t long ago that I posted that he had aged after his “spell” (with Geriatric Vestibular Syndrome). I am happy to report he has now jumped into some time machine and has gone back to being a much younger dog.

Buzz's post GVS head tilt is now pretty much gone.

So yesterday we ran the Alberton Spring Classic, here in Alberton, Ontario. It was a small entry, only one, but don’t anyone tell Buzzy . . . ย I told him he was the Champion of the World.

It is so important to take time each day for your retired dogs, it not only adds to the quality of their current life but I am confident it extends years to their overall life.

Today I am grateful for stealing time away for a “big adventure time” with Buzzy.