Well we have launched! Two weekends ago we unrolled the first “Flatwork Secrets” & “Blueprint for Handling Success.” This past weekend it was “Advances in Dog Training” and “Critical Elements.” I like the way things piece together and although it always seems I have more I want to teach, I like the way the entire program will progressively roll out for students throughout their dog’s life.

Here are some candid pics of the students, the staff and the dogs enjoying themselves at “Critical Elements for Sport and Life” . . .  it is not just for agility training it IS much more than that!

Ann & Tai practicing Crate Games!

Lisa & Carbon working tug drive.

Penny showing her moves during morning break, me of course on the Cellerciser!

My turn on the Voo Doo board!

Morning breaks will never be the same!

Christine & Quake working around distractions while Paola enjoys the games.

John’s turn to record keep while Aida & Patron play You’re Out You’re In!

Cool Moss catching up on some zzz’s . . .  decided his tuggy needed to be closer to him . . .  . . .  clever, naughty boy:).

Tug demo!

Lynda having another “I love my puppy so much” moment.

Sarah & Rhumba, a little ItsYerChoice.

Feature showing great restraint . . . you can look but do not touch, until you hear . . .

“GET IT!!!!!”

Rick & Roxy enjoying some down time.

Bronwyn & Kepler relationship building.

John & Styx tug with the toy I’ve got while record keeper Aida looks on.

John and “his dog” Encore making sure we all get it right!

It was a great group, with lots of enthusiasm right up until the last moment.

Today I am grateful for the understanding of all of the participants at this weeks upcoming Greg & Laura Derrett seminars that we will be hosting without Greg & Laura (due to an uncooperative volcano!)