I remember during an easier time when spam was just this icky meat like substance coming from a can that my mother used to try and feed us when we were kids. It isn’t a wonder to me now why I became a vegan.

A glimpse back at the spam days, my mom, the spam feeder is on the far left, her sister beside her, can you guess which one is me?

For those of you that don’t remember spam here is a great Monty Python skit that I remember loving when I was younger (okay, still do).

However spam now has a different meaning. It is a pain in my butt.

Spammers leave posts in the comments section of this blog as a way of getting their website legitimized on the internet. The great spam filter at word press is able to pick up on those that want me to stop suffering from erectile dysfunction, become a porn star or clear up my herpes and trash their comments. However the spammers have gotten clever this week and created a lot more work for me. They now just copy and paste one of your legitimate comments that I have previously approved. They re-post this plagiarized comment which I may approve, if I don’t recognize it as a duplicate, and voila, they have their T&A website address posted on my blog.

As a way to help me out here (damn it Jim, I am a dog trainer, not a cyber specialist) if you wouldn’t mind, please post your name to the bottom of your comments. That way I can easily see which ones are “real” and which ones are not.  Also if you recognized that someone has recycled your comment on my blog please let me know or if I have accidently deleted the wrong poster please let me know that as well.

Happier tales; you received my newsletter yesterday you know about the latest surprise I have for all of you. For those that don’t get the newsletter (heck why not, just sign up in the form on the upper right) here are the details I posted.

What I have upcoming is this fab-o new ebook and I have  three reasons I think you all will view it as a “must have!”

First, it is over 60 pages of unbelievable content from myself, Susan Salo and Greg Derrrett. Each of us has put together the equivalent of one complete ebook of solid content but you will get all three ebooks presented in one package all for one affordable price!

Reason number two: each purchase of the ebook will serve as a “lottery ticket” for you. If you buy additional copies–you get an additional “tickets”. What we are doing is drawing for an amazing agility video library that contains every DVD that Greg, Susan or myself have ever produced. That is 11 DVD’s in total. What could be cooler than that you ask? Well how about the fact that  we aren’t just giving away one of these collections, we are giving away two of them!

Okay the last reason to compel you to buy is that this entire project is a fundraiser. None of us will not be making any money from the sales of this ebook. All of the profits from the sales of this ebook are going to the fundraising efforts of the Canadian World Teams going overseas to the IFCS and the FCI World Championships.

More information will be made available soon, for those on the newsletter you will be given updates throughout this week so stay tuned.

Today I am grateful for team work. I appreciate your help in advance for lending a hand on the spam and the fundraising!