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Got D.A.S.H. (Desire, Accuracy, Speed and Habitat)?


The communication in dog training available to us in this day and age is AMAZING!  We have internet classrooms, eBooks, blogs and then there is social media. It was recently brought to my attention that I have never published or written on my blog about my foundation “acronym” for ALL my training. That acronym is […]

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Could I Be A Dog-Loving Mentor?

To some dog owners who participate in performance sports around the world, I am considered a dog training “mentor.” Definition: men·tor  ˈmenˌtôr,-tər/ noun: mentor; plural noun: mentors 1. an experienced and trusted adviser. Being a mentor is an honour I take very seriously. Why would Susan Garrett be considered a mentor? Possibly because of the national or […]

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The Possibilities in Dog Training

Recently I became involved in a discussion about dog training methodology with friends and members of the CAPPDT. I felt compelled to write this post, hopefully I did it without judgement.  I know I have addressed this topic many times in the past but it certainly is worth more than one look. Do you know […]

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What is “Ruff Love” Really?

So I have a very naughty 11 week old puppy. Below is the video evidence to prove it.  I thought this would be an ideal time to talk about my Ruff Love program. When Ruff Love was first released more than 10 years ago it received some pretty harsh criticism from many so called “gurus” […]

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Who Drives Your Bus?

Following on from my blog post “Birds, Sheep, Rats and other Out of Control Rewards”…  So why do I believe it is easier for me to get control of a dog when in the presence of their highest value rewards than it may be for some of you? It is because that is the only […]

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Second Dog Syndrome

I was talking recent to some friends about a phenomena I have observed in the dog world I like to describe as “The Second Dog Syndrome.” I thought I would offer a bit of advise on how to avoid it. First what is it. One would think that your second “agility” dog or “obedience” …

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Wild and Crazy Dogs!

The eyes told it all about then 7 week old Buzzy.

Yesterday I wrote a post for a clicker list in response to a question to helping out-of-control dogs. I decided this post needed to be shared with all of you that may not be on that list because it is highlits tons of resources to help anyone create harmony with their high drive dog. Out […]

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