Okay so due to scheduling difficulties (teaching 13 out of the last 15 days) I am a day late getting out this blog post and the greeting. But I think it is good that I am late. Green Day shouldn’t be just a day, a week or a month it should be a lifestyle. We are fortunate in Canada in that being green is forced upon us. One bag of trash per household is all you are allowed to put to the curb on Garbage Day each week here in Alberton . . . as many re-cyclying or composting containers as you like, but only one bag of trash that must go to a landfill.

Not that I am trying to be preachy or anything but it is amazing the difference it makes not just to the planet but to the way you vibrate personally. Here a challenge for you all going to a trial this weekend. Please report back to the blog next week if you took me up on the challenge. Email ahead and  ask the organizers if they plan on re-cycling at the trial. If they aren’t why don’t you? Bring along a supply of recycling containers or bags and plan on dropping off all you collect at a local depot. If your haul is too big ask a few people if they wouldn’t mind giving you a hand and just take 2 bags each. Before you know job done!

Have a great weekend everyone. Thanks to Cathi for sending over this awesome video!

Today I am grateful for Tracy Sklenar who jumped in a taught for Laura Derrett when the Derrett’s couldn’t get to their seminar this week (due to the uncooperative volcano).