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Recallers 3.0 Video Contest Voting – Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of voting for the Recallers Video Contest (see videos from Day 1 here).  Thank you for all of your votes yesterday, on to day two! Voting will remain open until we close registrations for Recallers (which will be when the class fills). Registration for the  5 Minute Formula to a Brilliant […]

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Recallers 3.0 Video Contest Voting – Day 1

iPup Jacket

Over the last few weeks, we have run a video contest for previous members of Recallers 2, asking them to make a video about their experience with The Five Minute Formula to a Brilliant Recall.  The response was incredible!  We had over 250 videos submitted, and your creativity and enthusiasm for our course was amazing…I […]

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Pick a Dog Training Challenge . . .

Today I kick off a new 10 day on-line dog training web-fest; I can’t quite come up with a name for it . . . maybe you guys can help. Will it be ClickerDogs Extravaganza? Or SayYes-Fest? Or maybe Do-Land-Palooza? Whadda you got? Hmmmm. Anyway I will be posting a series of webinars that will […]

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Cliff Hangers

Okay, so if you don’t like cliffhangers, maybe you shouldn’t read today’s blog:). The first “leave ’em hanging” video I am going to show you is a new one I just posted to my Facebook Page. It is a two parter – here is part one, in order to see part two you have to […]

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Victim or Player?

Okay, I know I haven’t written in a while. Crazy busy around here again. But at 2 AM the coyotes outside our bedroom window told me I should write a blog so here I am. I have mentioned in the past that I am a fan of Anthony Robbins’ teaching. One thing Tony promotes is […]

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Brilliant Recall Course Student Videos Contest Day 3

In the homes stretch everyone! I really appreciate all of your help with the voting and of course the dialogue in the comments section has been great! So same routine as the last two days. Vote for your two favourite videos. Yesterday was tough, I think today is even harder! Today’s entries come to your […]

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Brilliant Recall Course Student Videos Contest Day 2

Day two! Thank you everyone for voting yesterday what a great response!  The polls will stay open on all videos until this Sunday evening at midnight. Here you have a completly new group of videos to choose from. Once again please select your two favourites.For those of you that have been asking about our next […]

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Agility Foundation

Oh my those Kiwi have quite the sense of humour. This is from Chelsea Marriner, who actually won the Jumpers class at the IFCS World Championships (with a borrowed dog). Enjoy! Today I am grateful for positive outlooks.

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Start Planning that Summer Trip to Canada!

I just got the official word (and poster) that this year’s Canada Cup event is going to be held on Canada Day! So no longer do you need to take extra days away from work as there will be both a Canadian and an American holiday surrounding the weekend! But wait, it gets even better […]

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Colouring Outside the Lines

Yesterday I finished the last of 4 days teaching foundation handling workshops. A great group of enthusiastic students with a varied range of experience. Some handlers brand new to agility while others were coming back for a refresher after a year or so of trialing with their young dogs. However most of the 14 dogs […]

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