Today is all about the baby dog! I have some video highlights of her weekend at the AAC Nationals. For all of you on the recallers side, we still don’t have a lesson up for you today so I am going to give you the assignment of finding the times when value for RZ played a role in our success.

Fun exercise, anyone can play along!

I think this is a good time to point out to the few of you that have asked me, yes, (as you can see), “all of this work building value for you” does not mean your dog will not work away from you in agility (I have not lost a Gamblers class at a national in two years).

Clearly my dogs have no issue working away from me in agility. It is all about balance and in my books the first and most important part in this balance equation is creating value for being near you. Value for driving to you is more than just an asset on the agility field, it can save your dog’s life and I think we can all agree that it must be a far bigger priority to any of us than going clean on the agility field.

Recallers, just to answer two of the most popular questions right now; yes everyone will be given an extension on the upgrade period and no it isn’t okay to email myself or my staff directly with specific questions about course content while the sight is down, please just hold off until we are live again and post your questions to the membership area. Thanks for your patiences enjoy your “spring break”– lesson 10 should be up tomorrow!

Today I am grateful for the great courses the judges put up at the Canadian Nationals on the weekend, I enjoyed each and every one of them.