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Thanks for your patience everyone as we had some maintenance done here on the blog. I don’t know or pretend to understand the geekdom behind the scenes world, I am just grateful for Jason taking care of us all. And speaking of technicalities we just finished a three day workshop with an FCI judge from […]

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“Wow!” On So Many Levels

This weekend was another fabulous Canada Cup competition. And it was wow, amazing as it is every year. There is always the threat that this event will go away as entries are inconsistent at best. The weekend is so much work for our hosts Susan and Adrian to take on, but it is almost like […]

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The Count Down Begins . . .

Rushing around making sure everything works before we open up registration to the new e-course, I am still hoping it will happen before the end of this week, cross your fingers. We had our CKC Agility Team Canada practice last week followed by a  fundraiser trial on the weekend. Thanks to everyone that turned out […]

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Perfecting Your Rear

We worked rear crosses at my Masters handling workshop today near Vancouver, BC. Many people will fall back on rear crosses with their agility dog as they see front crosses as more complicated with more things to think about. The truth is, rear cross execution can be equally or more complex than a front cross. […]

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The Golden Rule of Handling

There are many skills that separate a great handler from those that are still learning. I think one of the biggest differences lies in something that is very simple for anyone to do. If you could adopt this one tinsie weensie habit, your handling abilities would improve unbelievably overnight. However as Bob Bailey often says […]

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Your Course Source

Lots of great comments about barking dogs yesterday. I will have more to say about that tomorrow. But for today I have an awesome opportunity for everyone. Our IFCS World team currently has a great fundraiser underway. For Twenty Canadian dollars you get an ebook with 300 course designs of AAC (Agility Association of Canada) […]

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What the Heck is Going on at Vero Beach?

I thought this picture was a hoot so I would post it and leave it to your imagination for a few days. Masters camp is under way here at Vero Beach and everyone put in a great deal of energy into their work yesterday. I installed the use of  some fun punishment in my teaching […]

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Report from Vero Beach Camp

Today is day three of our first camp here in Florida. I think everyone is enjoying themselves, even though the weather is atypical for Florida at this time of year. I feel a bit sorry for all of my Canadian students who made the long trip south to get away from the freezing temperatures! Oh […]

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Collecting Challenges

I am not suggesting you all email Greg Derrett for your challenges but he certainly is one of the many qualified elite handlers that could contact.

Since last week, when I put out the idea that you all should run out and get five weave pole and contact challenges from three elite agility handlers, some of you have come to the conclusion that I should provide you with the actual challenges to try. You guys are cracking me up!  Okay lets […]

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Dog Agility, Mud and the King of Rock and Roll

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Canadians!  Well, the trial in Memphis was a success but a very wet, muddy and a bit cold one (the weather, not the people). The people in Memphis were very hospitable, Lynda and I had a lot of fun and met a lot of new friends. Sadly for […]

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