Full disclosure today folks. You get to see vintage video of me 40 pounds overweight, in desperate need of a haircut and the most hideous looking, over sized, shocking blue outfit I have ever owned. I bet you can’t wait eh?

John Cullen’s “Pre Competition Routine for Big Events” program is in full swing. Actually you only have 5 days left to decide if you want to buy it or not before the price goes up (and his “bundle” goes away). So to help sway your decision (I think each and everyone of you should join us) I am pulling out the big guns – throwing all ego aside and letting you see some vintage Susan Garrett in the name of education.

You get to see what happens when you give no thought to a pre-competiton routine and you find yourself in a National Championship finals. You end up over handling, running to try to prevent losing rather than running to win, trying to control every step your dog takes. You handle cautiously, making no moves that your frantic mind may decide is risky. You stop trusting the dog and yell out cues your dog has never heard before (I did in this clip but you can’t hear it).

Simple things that your dog has done successfully her entire life (a down on the table) you can’t trust her to do during this run so you end up  putting a hand in front of her face and repeat the word “down” as many times as humanly possible during the five seconds it takes for the judge to count you down.

You are running with all the wrong things in you head; don’t let your dog down, don’t miss this chance to win it all, don’t make a bad decision. This doesn’t haven’t be a Nationals finals run. I have seen this sceanario over and over again when I go to kennel club trials and someone has a “double q” on the line. The truth is, the kennel club scenario is far more damaging because you rehearse those feelings and doubts a lot more often having kennel club events almost every weekend.

But the truth is this can be anyone stepping into any class from Novice to Masters if their head isn’t occupying the right space.

This video may be fun to watch but unbearable to have the starring role. At the end of a run like this one your elation is as much to be out of the pressure cooker as it is a celebration of your success.

So quick recap; have more fun, be more relaxed, practice with purpose which will allow you to learn more while in front of your instructor one on one or in a class setting, execute more consistently in the ring and ultimately become the best partner you can be for you dog.

Okay you need to take the next step. Allow John Cullen and I to coach you through the details of your own pre competition routine, just follow the link to John’s site.  By the way for all of you that have already bought the program, John will be sending you a link so you can get my ebook “Without Pressure We Get No Diamonds” as well.

Today I am grateful for my great, great girl Stoni for allowing me to be who I was in 1996, while I was learning to become who I am in 2010.