Wow, wow, wow what a week my dogs and I have had. We just wrapped up the USDAA Nationals. This year it was a 5 day event in a new venue in Louisville, Kentucky. Great show site, yes it needed some work on the footing for the dogs, but I trust that Ken and the USDAA will make the needed adjustments for next year and make it even better.

I myself had a magical weekend. It didn’t start out quite so with me running into the seesaw in Team Gamblers. If you haven’t seen the video here it is.

I recovered nicely and my dogs performed brilliantly all weekend. When the dust settled (literally) Encore won her first National Championship with a Grand Prix win in the 22″ class while Feature won her first 2 National Championships winning both in Steeplechase and in the Team Championships.

What a thrill to win all three USDAA Championships in the same weekend and how fitting it happened in Louisville Kentucky the home of one of the legs of horse racings Triple Crown.

And as if that wasn’t enough– Feature had such a spectacular weekend she ended up being the highest pointed dog of the more than 600 dogs covering all of the heights categories (in the four team class scores combined). Along the way she ended up winning 2 of the 4 classes and coming in the top 5 in the other 2. So proud of both of my red girls.

Here are some videos of the event. The first big win was Feature’s Saturday night Steeplechase win.

Next came our team victory on Sunday morning. Feature and I lead off, Kim and Recess ran second and Terry Smorch and Presto ran the anchor leg. Terry and I have teamed together for this event for many years and although coming close have never been able to pull off the win. What an awesome feeling to win such a big event with two good friends on your team.

This was followed up by a very special Grand Prix win for Encore and I. Encore has come close to winning this event on more than one occasion. I am so proud of what a strong performance she put in to win the class by almost a second and a half!

Today I am grateful to my heavenly Father, who I know makes all things possible in my life.