We arrived home from the AAC Nationals at 2 AM this morning. My dogs ran wonderfully all weekend long, both of them. Between the 7 events (Steeplechase finals, 2 Standard, 2 Jumpers, 2 Gamblers) the two dogs won 5 of them. Feature won both Standards and 1 Gamblers, Encore won the other Gamblers and the Steeplechase finals.

The only fault all weekend for either dog was bars (and 1 refusal for Feature in Steeplechase finals). Considering I have been so pre-occupied with my new e-course I am very happy with both our performances and the results. Note to self though; more jump grids before Worlds!

Overall Feature ended up in 2nd place and Encore was 7th (both in the 26″ class). It came down to our last jumpers run for Missy Feachy and just as she did in round 1– the fastest time with 1 bar .  It wasn’t meant to be this year. Here is a video of Encore winning the finals in Steeplechase (in the 22″ class) on Saturday night. I will try to get up some of Feature’s runs tomorrow.

Today I am grateful to be home safe and sound and in time to gear up for Advances in Dog Training and Critical Elements camps which begin here on Thursday.