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Getting Close!

Posted on 06/23/11 22 Comments

Okay today is the day. My first ever no charge live webinar. I know we are just about at capacity in the 8:30 pm call so if you are interested in hearing about the Say Yes foundation program please don’t sit on this because I will not be making this webinar available for public …

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Successes All Around

Posted on 06/19/11 13 Comments

Moving into our last day of Critical Elements camp, I am a little sad to see it all end. It is so much fun being a student and we have such a great group of students — we are all accomplishing a ton. Of the four goals I laid out for Swagger and I before […]

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Critical Elements for Swagger & Raven

Posted on 06/16/11 27 Comments

Very exciting day. Tomorrow 4 1/2 month old Swagger and his cousin Raven start their first ever “Advances in Dog Training” and “Critical Elements course (formerly known as puppy camp). I am certain neither puppy will have any issue with the skills required (we both have an advantage here) but it is the environment with […]

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Puppy Distractions Go to a New Level!

Posted on 06/12/11 15 Comments

As I have been travelling around North American over the past two weeks, my now 19 week old puppy has gotten lots of great experiences. First he travelled with Lynda and I on an 18 hour car trip down to Perry Georgia. He was a model of perfection. Never once making a peep while crated […]

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What a Difference A Week Makes!

Posted on 04/27/11 32 Comments

It has been a very busy time for us here at Say Yes over the past 7 days! It started with Adrian Rooyakkers coming to give an awesome three day handling workshop. The focus was on running European style courses aimed at helping  those of us heading over to the UK for WAO. That ended […]

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What is “Ruff Love” Really?

Posted on 04/18/11 109 Comments

So I have a very naughty 11 week old puppy. Below is the video evidence to prove it.  I thought this would be an ideal time to talk about my Ruff Love program. When Ruff Love was first released more than 10 years ago it received some pretty harsh criticism from many so called “gurus” […]

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Decisions, Decisions . . .

Posted on 03/29/11 97 Comments

The decision as to which puppy I am going to raising has been made. Of course as some of you may have guessed it really was made January 30 . . . the question is was it made because I saw Feature had only had a male puppy and I knew I didn’t want to […]

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Puppy Play Outside!

Posted on 03/14/11 14 Comments

Over the weekend Swagger got to have his sixth visit with his stand-in siblings the PineBank Labrador Retrievers. It was, once again, a great improvement upon his last two visits this time showing great confidence and less aggressive play with the group. He did more running about they actual wrestling and arguing. He is definitely […]

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Count This!

Posted on 03/10/11 20 Comments

Mr. Swagger has some new things for you all to count today. Naughtypants! See how many unwanted behaviours you can find in this short clip. You can see where the foundation of a lot of unwanted behaviours starts so young. This puppy could easily grow up to be a dog that will not come when […]

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Swagger Working Calming Signals

Posted on 03/08/11 19 Comments

Swagger had his fourth play date with the Labrador puppies.   It was by far the best to date. Many “firsts” were shown during yesterdays play date. For the first time in four visits he actually allowed the Labs to put him on his back and play with them from this position. What was really […]

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