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Count This!

Mr. Swagger has some new things for you all to count today. Naughtypants! See how many unwanted behaviours you can find in this short clip. You can see where the foundation of a lot of unwanted behaviours starts so young. This puppy could easily grow up to be a dog that will not come when […]

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Swagger Working Calming Signals

Swagger had his fourth play date with the Labrador puppies.   It was by far the best to date. Many “firsts” were shown during yesterdays play date. For the first time in four visits he actually allowed the Labs to put him on his back and play with them from this position. What was really […]

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Swagger’s Early Education

This is a video I posted to my FaceBook page a couple of days ago. It shows Swagger with his new toy (which is a great confidence building toy for puppies). At the end it shows how I start my puppy’s jump training.  Swagger turns 5 weeks old today, hard to believe really!                   He is growing up […]

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Lessons in Frustration, Recovery and NRMs

Following up on my last post on NRMs I mentioned  that the only place I really use one in my training is when the lack of information will create an expectancy of reinforcement for my dog. I mentioned the teaching of weave poles as one place that a NRM is critically important. The other place […]

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Swagger Turns Three Weeks Old!

Great conversation about non reward punishers over the past week or so. More on that later. For those of you not on facebook I thought I would post a few new pictures and videos of Feature’s little boy “Swagger.”  He turned three weeks old yesterday and is a whopping five lbs! He is totally living […]

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Puppy Preocuppiedatiousness

Feature’s puppy has taken over my life. I just can’t get any work done he is sooo darn cute, I can just sit and watch him all day long . . . and I do! He is no longer going by his puppy name of “Sid the Kid.” As cute as it was, he grew […]

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The Singleton Puppy

I am writing this blog post today not from a position of a great depth of knowledge but reporting from two singular experiences. I am hoping anyone reading this that has gone through a similar situation will offer their perspective. I suppose for many of you this post will hold little of interest so I […]

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