This is a video I posted to my FaceBook page a couple of days ago. It shows Swagger with his new toy (which is a great confidence building toy for puppies). At the end it shows how I start my puppy’s jump training.


Swagger turns 5 weeks old today, hard to believe really!




















He is growing up nicely.  He loves to tug, it now is difficult to get the toy out of his mouth! Feature continues to play with him and recently started to play tug with him as well.













Weaning him away from relying on his mother’s milk has been a huge challenge for me. I have heard that singleton puppies can be more difficult to get to eat solid food than those pups growing up in a litter. After 8 days of trying and about 6 different food varieties and presentations I am happy to say Swagger now eats his raw food like the rest of my gang. He even chews and eats the raw chicken necks which I thought would be a challenge for one so young!














Each day I play a 2 hour sound effects collection for Swagger. On it is your standard desensitizing sounds; Thunder, babies crying, gun fire, firecrackers etc. To this I have added Jet engines taking off and landing (important for the life style of an agility dog in North America). I have also got 45 minutes of agility training — sounds like the seesaw banging, dogs running through tunnels, over A Frames and the tapings of the sounds of an actual agility trial (thanks to his Auntie Louise that did that for us).













Everything is falling into place for a healthy, happy baby boy.

I recently was sent pictures and videos of the two females puppies from the UK (one of which will be coming here at the end of March). You may recall that if I decide to stick to my guns and keep with my long standing habit of only training female dogs then Swagger will go to live with my friend and Say Yes Instructor Penny Hewitt.

All pups wonderful right now. One thing is certain, regardless of which puppy Penny or I end up with we both are going to have amazing little puppies to start a new journey together.

Today I am grateful for a wonderful dinner out with six of my family members last night. A good time had by all.