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Investigating Recalls

Posted on 07/02/10 20 Comments

Okay with all of the responses to this thread you guys have got me really charged up. I have been burning the midnight oil! With the help of my friend Kim, I put together a survey to better investigate what is going on. So if you get a chance please fill it out at …

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Recall Collapse?

Posted on 06/30/10 139 Comments

Most puppies come with the basics of a recall. I said most not all, there are those independent models out there that learn very early on that the world has much to be discovered and they need to explore every inch of it All puppies can be taught a brilliant recall, it is much easier […]

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Relationship Truce

Posted on 06/29/10 13 Comments

Wow, am I ever excited. It is going to be a tough week because I have a ton of stuff I want to share with all of you BUT on top of that, I have Greg and Laura Derrett here this week, so I will be a very busy teaching our biggest camp of the […]

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Canada Cup 2010. . . Com’on Up (or Down if That Works:))

Posted on 06/28/10 14 Comments

Well Canada Cup is rolling around again. Sadly entries are down again this year and it looks like this may be our last Canada Cup ever. Susan and Adrian Royakkers work so hard during the year to fundraise the prize money to host this awesome event, it has been frustrating that each year enteries are […]

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Hitting A Nerve . . .

Posted on 06/22/10 63 Comments

Recently, after teaching for three weeks on the road, I wrote this statement on my facebook status . . . “There is nothing more important that teaching your dog a reliable recall, nothing . . . it is the foundation of all brilliance and it reflects the relationship you have with your dog.” I …

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Light Hearted Fun

Posted on 06/19/10 3 Comments

Feature and I are here in Oregon for the weekend for a USDAA trial. We head home on Monday morning. Here is some light hearted fun to kick of your weekend, I just love to dance and this video clip has it all. Have a good one! Did you pick up the reference to the […]

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Perfecting Your Rear

Posted on 06/17/10 4 Comments

We worked rear crosses at my Masters handling workshop today near Vancouver, BC. Many people will fall back on rear crosses with their agility dog as they see front crosses as more complicated with more things to think about. The truth is, rear cross execution can be equally or more complex than a front cross. […]

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From the Road

Posted on 06/14/10 4 Comments

I just finished 5 days teaching in Auburn, Washington and today I start 4 days here in Vancouver, BC. In my inbox this morning was this quote I thought would be perfect for all of you that worked with me last week or will be working with me this week or are working without me […]

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Cookies Anyone?

Posted on 06/11/10 37 Comments

Feature and I are nearing the end of our week here at Argus Ranch (in Auburn, Wa). Students have been great, I have my own house on site so I can cook my own dinner every evening (okay my vegan friends Mel and Helen King are here as well so I haven’t had to cook […]

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John Wooden’s Favourite Maxims for Life

Posted on 06/09/10 6 Comments

Many of the following quotes are from John himself, others he mentions as favorites of his but are not from him directly (I credited the author of those). When I put this list together I started to bold the ones that had meant the most to me. It seemed ridiculous as almost all of them […]

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