I just returned from a business trip in Arizona. I belong to a group of business people (there are about 25 of us) from a really varied cross section walk of life (everything from a man who gives dating advise, to a fertility expert, to a catholic priest!).  Although most of the group is based in the USA, many of us fly in from various corners of the world; Hungry, France, Brazil, the UK, Australia of course myself coming from Canada:). Amazing people and they all are so inspiring to me.

The first night of our get together we all went out for dinner. Although we were in a larger group, we all sat in small tables of 6 or so. Knowing I was sitting with a group of pretty outstanding individuals I asked the question;

“Who is the most inspiring person you have ever met/spent time with during your lifetime?”

So the conversation was really interesting; it included an encounter with Tony Robbins, as well as other celebrity types. Then one of my peeps tells us all about twice having a chance encounter with Mother Teresa (and no, this was not the guy who is a Catholic priest either). It was the most unbelievable story I have ever heard, of course the game pretty well ended after Philip told his story, I mean how do you top Mother Teresa?

It was so much fun to listen to people share moments of their lives that were filled with such inspiration.

So what about you guys; don’t think “famous” just think of “special” what is the most inspiring thing you have every witnessed or been a part of?

Today, on my big sista’s birthday (Happy Birthday Vicki:)) I am thankful for the amazing spirit of sharing from the cool people in my business group.