Poor Buzzy, too polite for his own good. He wouldn’t want to disturb anyone or anything in life. So when DeCaff decided she was going to take over his bed this morning, Buzzy happily accepted he was going to have his morning snooze in hers.










Never minding that his butt doesn’t quite fit — Buzz can be happy anywhere.  The world would be a better place if everyone could adapt as well to every bump in the road of life:).

Buzz is such a great role model. At 14 1/2 years young he has no grey whiskers because he has no worries–and he never has. He has always taken life in stride. Nothing ever offended him (well maybe the odd puppy but he got over that early). Due to his hard driving life style arthritis started at an early age (5) but that too he just ignored. Now with a good diet, lots of exercise and of course the help of Sasha’s Blend (that is the only supplementation he has in his diet) he is still bee-bopping along thrilled with his full life.

Speaking of exercise, this summer I had to start modifying Buzz’s normal routine. Because his back end appeared to have gotten weaker. There were times on our walk around the field I thought I might have to carry Buzzy home. That brought me to come up with the modified Buzz Walk. Rather than go out into the field for our daily walks I would take a lap around the agility fields, around the pond, up behind the house and then Buzz gets to go into the back door of the house for his “Easter Biscuits” (a la Helen King).

Buzz loved this modification to his walks and as he ate the handful of cookies I scattered all over the floor inside the back door of the house the rest of the dogs and I would then take to the field for our normal walks.

About a month ago Buzz decided further modifications were necessary. As I got near the end of his shortened walk he started to bark and bite at me, then charged off into the field. So, taking his lead, I followed and let him walk the field. He was a mad man! I mean crazy bouncing around, grabbing sticks, biting my ankles and the next day was none the worst for it (no limping or soreness). So now I let him take one lap of the field (and depending upon how he feels may two) before his “Easter Biscuits” routine.













Clever boy, he gets to do a romp through the field and still get the cookies no one else gets . . . who says people can’t be shaped?

Don’t count your old dog’s out people! Just because they hit a “down turn” doesn’t mean they don’t still have more tread left on the tires!

Earlier this week Buzzy’s walk got even better has his friend Ben joined us. Both Buzz and Feature absolutely adore little boys. Nothing better then having them come to visit . . . while maybe having them come to  visit AND come along on our walk! Poor Ben, Feature treated him like a flyball box subjecting him to random hits to the mid section along the way.

Have a blessed and wonderful Christmas everyone (even those who are not celebrating Christmas).

Today I am grateful for my sister in law Pat (yes all of you western buffs, I have a sister in law named Pat Garrett . . . I always thought they should have named one of their boys William so they could have had Pat Garrett & Billy the kid) for always seeing to it that John gets to have roast beef for Christmas dinner.