I can’t tell you how excited, proud, grateful, happy I am when I read comments like Esther’s this morning;

Five minutes might seem like a blink of an eye but even my snapping turtles can move amazing distances in just 5 minutes


Got a succesfull recall off a deerhunt this morning …. YES !!! I love it that playing these 5 minute games since only a week is already paying off that quickly.!

That is it. Five minutes a day can create brilliance. The “tofu & potatoes” of this course (or for your carnivores “meat & potatoes”) hasn’t even begun and yet we are already reading about amazing results like these.

Just imagine what is going to happen in a month. I am not writing this  as some sort of slick marketing way to get the rest of you interested. . . . but subliminally what seeds did I just plant in your unsuspecting minds :)?

Really, all joking aside, even if working with me on this new e-course is not in the cards for you right now, all you have to do is read the comments on this blog by the students participating in the course and you will see that the 5 minute formula works. But here is a secret, it works in anything you do.

You want to start a fitness program, I challenge each of you to do 5 minutes of exercising each do for the next week. Push ups, sit ups, lunges, squats or even do a 5 minute brisk walk. Start reading again by doing it for 5 minutes at night before bedtime. You get it?

In the midst of all that I do, I still find the time to continually be active taking on-line courses myself. I tell myself even if I just dedicate 5 minutes a day to learning something new it will have massive impact on my life. And it does.

5 minute training sessions work for all of us and they work amazingly well for our dogs. So even if this isn’t the right time to join in on my new course, try to set aside 5 minutes of training for you and your dog, work through some old exercises you have in a journal from a seminar you took or dust off your copies of Ruff Love, Shaping Success & Crate Games and you will find loads of games you can play in 5 minutes.

However if you decide, like I do with my on-line courses, I am never going to “have the time” so I will just make the time, click the big Sign Up icon to the right and join the rest of us that have decided to dedicate 5 minute a day into their dog’s education.

Today I am grateful to already see such strong results coming in from people who are making that 5 minute per day investment in their dog.