Membership has it’s privilages . . . but it also has its hiccups! No worries though, we have them all covered. I may sound like a broken record, but I just can’t say enough about the job Jason and Andrea of WebManna have done for me with this new venture.

Jason didn’t go to bed at all last night making sure anyone that had a technical issue got the help they needed. He actually only took a nap early this afternoon then was back at it.

Seriously, you need webpage help, want to set up a blog, whatever . . . do me a favor and call these two first. Don’t you just love the new logo Andrea came up with for the new 5MinuteFormula? Way cool.

Okay, enough!

But Jason just told me to contact you guys and ask any of you that are having problems signing up for the new e-course or loggin in or seeing videos to check in with him to see if he can help. He would like you to contact him directly at  jasonmrigler @ gmail . com (of course eliminate the spaces I have added here so the spambots won’t get poor Jason:)).

Perhaps you have not yet received information on how to log into the membership site.

or you had trouble logging in.

Contact Jason directly and he will get you fixed up quickly. Be certain when you email Jason you include;

Your first and last name, you preferred log in and the email you used to make your purchase.

In addition, anyone with technical issues to do with the video like can’t see something or the video is not running. Drop a line to my man Jason and he will do his best to solve  your problems . . . okay maybe not ALL of your problems, but he will get you hooked up so you will be ready to rock The5MinuteFormula!

Today I am grateful for the cool community of recallers that is already developing in the secret hiding places of this blog:).