Okay with all of the responses to this thread you guys have got me really charged up. I have been burning the midnight oil! With the help of my friend Kim, I put together a survey to better investigate what is going on. So if you get a chance please fill it out at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/recallhelp Even if you have an awesome recall (and maybe especially if you have an awesome recall) I would like to hear from you on this survey. The more input I get the better the data.

Vintage shot of me play a recall game with my past, great girl "Twister".

Surveys can be a powerful thing. You know we ran the survey a few months ago about the USDAA going to 24″ weave pole bases and just this week the board approved the move! I am not saying it was our input that made it happen but I am sure it gave them all food for thought.

I would love to have just as big a response to this survey. Please if you have some time, fill in the survey. I have this weekend off and will be working on some tools for all of you. Stay tuned, I promise help is on the way, both to fix a broken recall and to improve what ever you got (I am so excited by some of the things I have planned I am going to do them with my own dogs . . . extra reinforcement into a recall is NEVER a bad thing!)

Today I am grateful for the amazing weather we have been having at camp this week. Today I get to be a camper as Greg hangs around for an extra day working threadle drills!