So John and I have had this agreement when I go away to teach. It is that he will lie to me. I think it may be unfair to him, but he doesn’t complain and luckily he has rarely had to lie. So the agreement is, that if anything happens to one of my dogs while I am away teaching, and there is nothing I can do to help the situation, he will not tell me about it. In other words, when I call home and ask about my dogs, he lies and says everyone is great. I try not to ask so he doesn’t have to lie.

The thought process is that knowing there is something wrong at home, but not being able to do anything about it will only detract from being the best teacher I can be. I must say knowing this I try to call home around a dog’s meal time so I can hear them rushing around in the background:). Of course no major decisions will be made without my knowledge if something serious did come up, but basically I am kept from knowing anything until I get home.

Unfortunately during my trip to Italy was one of these such times. When we where almost home from the airport John told me that Buzzy was not well, but it was not serious so I shouldn’t get upset. It seems Buzz had a bout with Geriatric Vestibular Disorder last week. Shelby also suffered with this during one of my trips away.  It really makes me sad because it is the first time my dog looks aged, plus it is hard to see your dog in distress.

Buzzy has been limping or sore for most of his life. It is just the way he goes about living. So as he has aged, seeing him stumble or get up a bit stiff has never equated to him being old. It is just being Buzz. Today he looks old and it makes me sad. I know he will improve but I don’t want to think of Buzzy as getting old. He will be 14 in September so to me, he is not yet old. I expect my dogs to stay with me at a minimum until they are 16, ideally beyond that. Even if I lose them before that, in my mind expecting longevity puts your message out there to the universe, my dogs live long happy lives!  I lost Shelby as she was approaching her 17th birthday, Stoni was 14.5 years and Twister was 15.5.  John’s Border Collie “Crash” was also almost 17.

So just in case Buzzy is reading today, he should know is not old, he has just been giving a yield sign to help him ease into a more comfortable pace for his age.

My favourite picture of Buzz. to me it personifies who he is. Running all out, with 3 paws dangling off of the dog walk and onlly 2 toes on (btw he did not fall off).

Today I am grateful that Buzz is feeling better and although a bit slower, this morning he is still his happy self!