Today Buzz turns 17-years-old!

I couldn’t be happier. Not just because I have had my special boy for so many amazing years. But because Buzz isn’t just a dog that is hanging on as a 17-year-old dog; he is a dog that is actively engaged in life as a 17 year old dog.

So much so that I decided to teach him a new trick this week!

Not only has Buzz changed my life . . . but through him he has helped me to change so many other lives! To say he is a special dog is an understatement, he is a dog that has truly “Shaped the Success” of so many!

In honour of Buzz’s milestone birthday, we are going to have a sale on the last few remaining copies of the hardcover edition of “Shaping Success.” For the next week (or until our limited supply runs out) both Buzz and I will autograph all of the copies (both soft cover and hardcover copies) of Shaping Success that we ship during his “birthday week.”

A Classic with a Classic

To close I leave you with this montage of Buzzy doing what he loved most of all . . . AGILITY! This video was put together by my friend (and Buzzy’s friend), Renee King. The footage is old but you can still feel the love Buzzy had for all he did.

Today I am grateful for the life of Buzz!  He still continues to amaze me every day!