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Outrageous Bonus Added to Recallers 3.0

Okay some may think I have completely lost my mind but remember what motivates me; the vision to help dogs world wide be better understood by their owners and to help those owners create a better relationship with their dogs. To that end I have been working on a course, it was supposed to be […]

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Recallers 3.0 Video Contest Voting – Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of voting for the Recallers Video Contest (see videos from Day 1 here).  Thank you for all of your votes yesterday, on to day two! Voting will remain open until we close registrations for Recallers (which will be when the class fills). Registration for the  5 Minute Formula to a Brilliant […]

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Recallers 3.0 Video Contest Voting – Day 1

iPup Jacket

Over the last few weeks, we have run a video contest for previous members of Recallers 2, asking them to make a video about their experience with The Five Minute Formula to a Brilliant Recall.  The response was incredible!  We had over 250 videos submitted, and your creativity and enthusiasm for our course was amazing…I […]

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Pick a Dog Training Challenge . . .

Today I kick off a new 10 day on-line dog training web-fest; I can’t quite come up with a name for it . . . maybe you guys can help. Will it be ClickerDogs Extravaganza? Or SayYes-Fest? Or maybe Do-Land-Palooza? Whadda you got? Hmmmm. Anyway I will be posting a series of webinars that will […]

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A Dog Training Christmas in November

Stand is Fun! The Say Yes team has been working overtime preparing for all that is “new.” As I mentioned last week we have a cool new video on teaching how “The Stand is Fun” which is on Facebook and Puppy Peaks. Thank you for all of the positive comments on this video especially for the […]

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Victim or Player?

Okay, I know I haven’t written in a while. Crazy busy around here again. But at 2 AM the coyotes outside our bedroom window told me I should write a blog so here I am. I have mentioned in the past that I am a fan of Anthony Robbins’ teaching. One thing Tony promotes is […]

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Be the Cookie

Wow want a great reception to my Blueprint to Recall Success Webinar. If you missed it yesterday here is the link that will get you there. Don’t be shy about sharing the link with your dog owning friends. If you didn’t get to see yesterday’s webinar you will have to leave your name and email […]

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Kick Off To An Exciting Week!

To start today I am happy to announce our five winners in the 5 Minute Recallers video competition from last week. For those that are wondering, yes judging the top five was based on the percentage of votes each video received  daily (rather than the total numbers). So our winners (starting with the highest percentage […]

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Brilliant Recall Course Student Videos Contest Day 2

Day two! Thank you everyone for voting yesterday what a great response!  The polls will stay open on all videos until this Sunday evening at midnight. Here you have a completly new group of videos to choose from. Once again please select your two favourites.For those of you that have been asking about our next […]

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What Can You Do in 5 Minutes?

I can’t tell you how excited, proud, grateful, happy I am when I read comments like Esther’s this morning;   Got a succesfull recall off a deerhunt this morning …. YES !!! I love it that playing these 5 minute games since only a week is already paying off that quickly.! That is it. Five minutes […]

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