Welcome to Day 2 of voting for our Recallers 2015 video contest!  I think you all can understand why we asked for your help…each and every video is amazing! Each of our videos really is a creative tribute to how Recallers improves the relationship between dog and owner…how cool is THAT?

For those who have been asking…we are very excited to say we will be rolling out Recallers very soon. If you are inspired by these videos and want to learn more about our online Recallers program just sign up for our “Recallers Wait List” with the form found to the right of this post.

Back to Our Contest!

In case your just joining us, we recently asked our Recallers 5.0 students to create a short video sharing the transformation Recallers had on their relationship with their dog and their training. . .and our community didn’t disappoint. As we went through each video we looked for the joy, the changes in relationship and attitude, the bond that developed, and of course, we loved to see the celebrations of the “aah ha” moments. The Day 1 and Day 3 videos can be viewed and voted on too!

Now We Need Your Help!

Please watch the five videos below and vote for your two favourite videos (Remember:  as your voting, you must select both at the same time before you click the “vote” button, as you can only submit your votes once).  Then, check back soon, as we’ll have the last 5 videos for you to vote on!

On the final day of voting, we’ll have the Top 6 videos (the top 2 from each day of voting) face-off!  The Top 3 videos will win some great prizes from our amazing sponsors!  And what are those prizes?  So glad you asked! Check out our Sponsors FANTASTIC Prizes:

FitPaws – your very own FitBone and FitVest (including both weights and cooling gel packs for the vest).


It’s Possible! – You are going to need to learn how best to work with your dog’s new FitBone and weighted vest…why not learn from the best! This gift certificate with a value of $200 gives you an online private consult with iconic Canine Exercise and Physio experts Robby Porter and Lindsey Hinds.

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Karma Collars – a $150 Gift Certificate for one of their GORGEOUS creations…you pick the style and size to fit your dog!

karma collars

4MyMerles – a gift basket STUFFED with fabulous items including a personalized Recallers Embroidered Fleece Slip Leash, a Recallers Tote Bag, a Recallers Tee Shirt and a very cool dog tug toy!


Today I am grateful for all of the amazing sponsors who so generously donated their prizes to our students!


Day 2 Videos Below!

1. Shelley Jerrom – Dog Training Using Recaller Games Is … freedom

2. Monika Gradisar – Dog Training Using Recaller Games Is … having the Time of Your Life

3. Aditi Joshi – Dog Training Using Recaller Games Is … expanding the world of India’s street dogs

4. Andrea Petitto – Dog Training Using Recaller Games Is … the Path to a Joyous Relationship!

5. Laura Streng – Dog Training Using Recaller Games Is … a Five Minute Miracle

 Day Two

Vote for your two favourite Day 2 videos below!

  • 3. Aditi Joshi (37%, 268 Votes)
  • 2. Monika Gradisar (24%, 175 Votes)
  • 1. Shelley Jerrom (15%, 107 Votes)
  • 4. Andrea Petitto (13%, 96 Votes)
  • 5. Laura Streng (10%, 74 Votes)

Total Voters: 454

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