Have you ever seen those dogs that have a relationship with their owners that is so strong that no distraction can tempt them from straying away from what they have been asked to do? Before you say, “I could never have that with MY dog” I’d like you to consider if you did have that kind of relationship, what kind of impact would it have on your life…and the life of your dog?  In the words of Audrey Hepburn,

“Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I’m Possible!”

Yesterday I released the first of four videos in my latest dog training series that focuses on the role of “Choice” in our dog training.   In this first video, three dog owners from various corners of the world, share their stories with us.  It is as inspiring as it is heartwarming. Each story is like a ripple being send out into the world, each carrying a different message of hope and change.

Here is the link to the series, as a reader to my blog (and therefore odds are you are also a like-minded dog lover)…I am confident you are going to be blown away by this video.

BertieBuzz Jumping

If the link above doesn’t work,  you can copy and paste this into your browser: www.brilliantrecalls.com …when you get there be sure to download the Training Guide that I am giving away!

Today I am grateful for the JOY my dogs bring into my life, and to have a small role in the joy that others bring to the lives of their dogs.