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Kicking Off the AAC Nationals

Posted on 08/06/10 12 Comments

Today kicks off the first day of the AAC Nationals. John and I did some sightseeing yesterday with John and Lynda Hill and all our dogs (well, the ones that we have out here in Calgary).  It was a wonderful day in the Rockies as these pictures will prove. Recallers, you all should be able […]

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Finding the Joy

Posted on 08/05/10 38 Comments

In her third and final instalment (for now:)), Helen shares some of the key lessons she has learned up to this point of her journey with her pankin’ pants poodle puppy Uppity. At one point when I was very frustrated with Uppity’s slow progress,  I was talking to Susan on the phone and whining to […]

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The Road to Recovering From Stress

Posted on 08/04/10 36 Comments

In my last post “Stressing in the Real World” my friend Helen opened up about the ups and downs of training her challenging Standard Poodle puppy “Uppity.” Today we learn what the keys where for Helen’s turn about. Once again here is Helen . . . Although I had a lot of bad days while […]

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Stressing in the Real World

Posted on 08/03/10 22 Comments

For the last six months or so I have been observing my friend’s struggles and successes with her new Standard Poodle puppy. I thought her story was one that could help a lot of people so I ask her to share it with all of you. Here is Helen and her story. When it was […]

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Stress; Another Distraction or Something Greater?

Posted on 08/02/10 11 Comments

Recently our recall e-class came up against where “Stress” fits into the list of distractions you need to work through. I have written several blog posts on stress over the 2 years I have been blogging, if you do a search on “stress” you will come up with quite few. This one will add …

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Big Trial Prep: 5 Days Out

Posted on 07/30/10 6 Comments

We will be leaving for the Canadian National Agility Championships next Wednesday AM so the countdown begins. Five days out so I have to squeeze in some training between the rest of my life. Today’s to do list: Morning work out (I have been naughty and not as regular as I should (only once in […]

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Wow Have Things Changed Since 1998 . . . Or Have They?

Posted on 07/29/10 7 Comments

This is the final instalment of the interview I did in 1998. I hope it has been as much fun for you looking back as it was for me! Question 11. What are your training/teaching/judging involvements in Agility now? i.e. how often do you train your own dogs, how often do you teach classes and […]

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Posted on 07/28/10 14 Comments

Thanks for your patience everyone as we had some maintenance done here on the blog. I don’t know or pretend to understand the geekdom behind the scenes world, I am just grateful for Jason taking care of us all. And speaking of technicalities we just finished a three day workshop with an FCI judge from […]

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What Can You Do in 5 Minutes?

Posted on 07/23/10 21 Comments

I can’t tell you how excited, proud, grateful, happy I am when I read comments like Esther’s this morning; Got a succesfull recall off a deerhunt this morning …. YES !!! I love it that playing these 5 minute games since only a week is already paying off that quickly.! That is it. Five minutes a […]

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Continuing to Look Back

Posted on 07/22/10 8 Comments

You may have noticed a bit of a change to the layout of the blog as Jason added a very clear and obvious icon to click for Recallers to enter into the members only section of the blog (by “members” I mean those that have signed up for my 5 minute formula e-course).  In addition, […]

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