Feature’s puppy has taken over my life. I just can’t get any work done he is sooo darn cute, I can just sit and watch him all day long . . . and I do! He is no longer going by his puppy name of “Sid the Kid.” As cute as it was, he grew into his big boy name before the end of his second week here. Forever more he shall be known as “Swagger.” And yes, he already has nicknames; Swag-a-man, Monkey-man, Pretty-Boy-Swag (a great song as well btw).

The truth is, the name Swagger was planted deep in the recesses of my mind a couple of months ago. I thought it would suit only confident & happy puppy. As much as I tried, I just couldn’t see it as a girl-dog name, so I put it out of my head (because hey, no way I was getting a boy-dog, right?)

The idea for that name, was planted in my subconscious mind while reading an email from Tori Self. For those of you that don’t know Tori, she is a young lady from Florida with quiet a remarkable swagger of her own. Her abilities as an agility competitor are eclipsed only by her maturity and groundedness as young adult. She is the kind of girl I would have wanted if I have if I had had children of my own. Last fall Tori sent me a lovely note were she mentioned something she called the “Garrett Swagger” in reference to how she and her friends viewed my way of going around the agility ring. A wonderful compliment and without me knowing,  it was then that Swagger’s name was born.

I keep telling anyone that asks I am objectively observing Swagger to decide if he will live here or move on to my friend, student and Say Yes instructor Penny’s home to live forever. Either way, he will be in a great home where he will be well loved and he will be here for training weekly, if not, more often.

Certainly if he were a female, there would be no question he would be staying. So far I love his structure and yes,  I love his swagger. For the last several months there has been so many “signs” telling me this would be my next dog. However, sigh . . . I am still not ready to say for sure he is staying.

You see I have a more that phenomenal back-up plan. Feature’s littermate in the UK was bred to a wonderful dog that had a litter of puppies just three days after Feature gave birth to Swagger. I am in a very fortunate position to be able to own one of these wonderful puppies (yes a female) should I decide Swagger is better suited to live with Penny.

Time will tell.  In the mean time, I am loving watching the Swagger-man grow up. I am so enjoying him, the down side is I am getting very little work done!

Pretty Boy Swag; looking all grown up at 16 days old.

Swagger loves to sleep on a hard surface, particularly with his face buried in the corner.

Rail-rider Swagger. He once slept below the rail and for the few days he fit without falling off, he loved to sleep on the rail.

Mr. Climb-in-stein!

Swagger throwing down the challenge to his mama to play.

G-a-m-e   O-n!!!!  Feature is a great fill in for a littermate.

Mr. Climb-in-stein hiking Mt. Mama.

Kisses on da lips!

Seeking out the hard beds. Swagger snuggles into a rail-substitute; his weigh in tray. He is quiet the character!

Today I am grateful for Louise, a Say Yes student who emailed me out of the blue and offered to drive 8 hours each way just to be Swagger’s nanny while I taught a three day camp here last weekend. She was a massive help to John and I!