Those of you that are not on Facebook, that were unable to follow the links in my last post to the “surprise” here it is. Last November, while teaching in Australia I made arrangements for Feature to be bred to a lovely male that had the bonus attraction of being very closely related to Encore (John was home doing all of the leg work while I was miles away).

I am not a breeder (although I have bred a few Jack Russell Terrier litters) nor do I want to be a breeder. There are people out there that breed dogs “professionally” and do it very well. Way too much stress for me to ever want to walk that road.

Even when I brought Feature home from England four years ago I had not intentions of breeding her. However she turned out to be so special, not just to me but as a representation of the Border Collie breed. I decided I would have 1 litter to get my little Feature-like daughter and to keep the genetics of this great dog here in Canada.

You know what they say about the best laid plans . . . I have no idea why, but Feature gave birth to only one puppy, and although it was the “right” colour by my standards it was very much the wrong gender.

Anyone that reads this blog knows that although I admire the great athletic males out there in the dog world; I personally decided years ago that I prefer training girl dogs.

Even when I found out through x-ray that Feature was only to have one puppy, I informed the my other puppy people that it doesn’t mean I was going to keep this puppy. I have bred and raised 3 other litters and never kept a puppy before and yes even another singleton puppy litter (it was a male dog too:)).

However this one may be different. I will let life take me where it may. I have opened up heart to the possibility that this little guy my indeed be making a home here with me. Way too many “signs” for me to ignore. For now his name is “Sid the Kid” after Canadian Olympic Hockey hero “Sidney Crosby.”

He is already showing he has character, doing things in his own way and making me laugh even before he has the ability to see or hear you just can’t help love a puppy that makes you laugh before he is 5 days old.

Introducing Sid the Kid:

Sid the Kid on the run!

In his favourite sleeping spot

Snuggling with da mama.

With hsi make-shift “littermate” Twisty-Towel-Dude.

Today I am grateful for the excitement of the unknown.