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2×2 Weave Pole Training Discoveries

Recently I responded to a post on a forum about someone struggling with their 2×2 training and wondering what they did wrong (or perhaps was the method flawed and not appropriate for all dogs). Obviously I feel the method works wonderfully for all dogs but not necessarily for all trainers:). However I was hoping in […]

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Does this Mean 2×2 Training Doesn’t Work?

At the recent IFCS World Championships in England Encore really struggled with her weave entries. Believe it or not I actually had people come up to me telling me they where concerned as they just bought my 2×2 Weave Training DVD and wondered if I felt they should train that way? Too funny. First of […]

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2x2s and the Experienced Dog


This is a question that keeps coming up with dogs learning the 2x2s for the first time but have had previous experience with weaving. What often happens with these dogs is that, even though you may establish the Reward Line, when you send the dog from high on the arc the dog often will choose […]

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2×2 Q & A


Okay, workshop today and since it is contacts and WEAVES I thought I would quickly answer a couple of the 2×2 questions that you guys have posted. Q. First of all what about those 24″ spaced poles? Now that the AKC and the USDAA have gone to 24″ spaced poles . . . what you […]

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The Two Way Communication of Training

2x2 Weave Training DVD celebrates it

As we approach the one year anniversary of the release of my 2×2 Weave Training DVD I thought I would welcome any questions you may have that I have not yet answered. By now there are likely thousands of people that have trained their dogs to weave using the 2×2 method. I get all kinds or […]

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Who’s Shaping Me?

Twister (1992-2008) working her chair routine

  Isn’t it funny how all of these posts on dogs shaping people have ended up having picture of a terrier with them. And not coincidentally many of your comments are about Jack Russell Terriers! Hmm, yes indeed terriers are just masterful at shaping their people. It is because they are so brilliant and have a tenacity […]

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Weaving In Washington

weave entry

The title of this post sounds a bit like an old Jimmy Stewart movie to me (okay, now I am dating myself!). Regardless, I thought I would catch you up on some of my teaching in Washington State last month. I had a Contacts & Weaves Day. I will post here about the weave work […]

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Q & A 3. More talk on 2×2 weave training

Hi all, I trust you are all enjoying a great holiday season with your friends and family. John and I went to one of my brother for Christmas dinner last night. We had a blast. My sister-in-law Pat, made about a zillion vegetable dishes for me, and lucky John was in his glory, as Pat […]

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