Hi all, I trust you are all enjoying a great holiday season with your friends and family. John and I went to one of my brother for Christmas dinner last night. We had a blast. My sister-in-law Pat, made about a zillion vegetable dishes for me, and lucky John was in his glory, as Pat prepared roast beef & yorkies (she knows the way to the Brit’s heart). I really don’t get to see my family as often as I should, so it was great to be able to spend the evening with some of them.

Okay back to business. Again I have to thank everyone for the glowing reviews of the new DVD. I am so thrilled you are all enjoying it AND that the dogs are progressing fast, just like I predicted they would! I will re-state, as I mention in the DVD, not all dogs will be weaving in 12 days. Some have done it in only 4, others will take longer. What I do know is that your dog will learn ALOT faster with this method then with the other weave pole training methods out there. I hate to pick on you, but once again it is believing in your dog that is going to be the big difference. Allow the dog to choose!  Here are the latest weave pole questions that have come in to me.

Now take a look at these two as they work through the early stages of 2×2 training with their dogs (both non-border collies for all of you that have been writing telling me it wouldn’t work as fast or the same way:)). In this first clip you will see a young woman named Lene train her dog Sisi.  At one point she integrates Crate Games with her weave training. That is super! Crate Games, which are the foundation of my training program, are trained the same way as 2×2’s. It is all about creating VALUE for something and then allowing the dog CHOOSE correctly. Value and Choice, over and over! Rather than waiting for your dog to choose to go into his crate (stage 3 of crate games) you are waiting for your dog to choose to leave you to drive towards the 2 poles (stage 2 of 2×2 weave training). So if you have trained Crate Games already, by starting your 2×2 with a couple rounds of Crate Games first, reminds your dog that you are not going to help him, but that he must CHOOSE on his own!

You can see the full clip of Lene training Sisi at her youtube account by clicking on this link.   Don’t forget to leave her a comment and tell her what a great job she is doing, everyone loves that reinforcement!

Next lets watch Barb train her awesome little Terrier “Blast”. Again some super dog training as Barb hits the reward line with her throws and spends tons of time tugging in between repetitions. Barb posted this video on Facebook and I got her permission to post it here (through Youtube, which is why you may think it is a Youtube video but it is not). You can contact Barb by becoming a Friend of mine on Facebook and from there you can find Barb & Blast.  I will try to get to all of the video’s I have been sent, but I am sorry I can not promise to post them or get back to all of you, however I will do what I can.  Good work everyone!

I am gratefully for brother Steve, his wife Pat and (now, fully grown kids) Mike, Jeff & Kate. It was a great evening and John and I really enjoyed our Christmas dinner with the five and them plus Mike’s girlfriend Celeste and one of my other six brothers, Brent.