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Tag: Susan Garrett

Rolling out a Big Adventure

Posted on 08/14/13 62 Comments

As much as we would like to prevent it, our agility dogs do grow old. As a matter of fact all dogs grow old, even if they were not once agility dogs. 🙂 If we are lucky, our dogs will grow v-e-r-y old. But, luck isn’t the only thing that will take them there. I […]

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Life’s Little Detours: Making Outrageously Tasty Lemonade

Posted on 07/22/13 71 Comments

According to my booking calendar (planned more than a year ago) I should be in Germany right now. I had made my decision at that time, that I would not be applying to Canada’s FCI team to travel to South Africa in 2013 . . . I just could not put my dog through that […]

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Dog Agility Championships: Bring On Snooker & Gamblers

Posted on 05/30/13 15 Comments Susan Garrett winning the gold!

The Games Championship is comprised of two Games: Snooker and Gamblers. If you are really keen to learn more about each game, there is a briefing written up on the WAO home page. Snooker is a game that most people who are new to agility absolutely hate. First of all, it is a game of […]

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International Agility Championship . . . The First Time All Over Again

Posted on 05/23/13 30 Comments Susan Garrett trip to WAO - Aqueduct in Segovia

I just got home from my participating in my second WAO (World Agility Open) event held in Oviedo, Spain. Some consider this one of the four “world championship” type agility events; FCI in October, European Open in July, WAO in May and IFCS held every other year. This is my second year competing at WAO […]

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What Does Internationalization in Dog Agility Really Mean?

Posted on 03/06/13 50 Comments

Today is the first “Dog Agility Blog Event for 2013” and the topic myself and other dog agility bloggers are writing on is  “Internationalization.”  When I first saw the topic I thought to myself, “oh cool, Steve (our blogger ring leader) is making up new words.” But then I googled it (speaking of new words) […]

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Swagger Back in the Saddle!

Posted on 11/24/12 8 Comments

Well after the past few months focusing entirely on Feature’s agility Swagger finally got his turn. This weekend I decided to enter a trial north of Toronto. This is Swagger’s first time at a trial in 3 months. I actually only put him back on contacts just over 3 weeks ago. So this trial is […]

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A Chat With the World’s Best in Dog Agility: Take One

Posted on 11/15/12 48 Comments

The year’s FCI world championships were such an amazing event for me. John and I had a little vacation with our friends Martina & Carlo (ok mostly it was Martina and I talking about dogs). We did some sightseeing,  I did some shopping and then the actual agility event was amazing. Due to the way […]

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Random Reflections From 2012 FCI World Championships

Posted on 10/11/12 37 Comments

“If you aren’t learning you are dying” I am sure I have seen that quote somewhere before but for the life of me, I can’t find it who gets the credit for it. I do love the quote, each of use has to make a decision in our own direction, no matter how much we […]

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Advice from an Agility Dog Super Hero

Posted on 09/20/12 37 Comments

If someone would have told me 10 years ago that my “gotta-live-life-on-the-edge” red Border Collie Buzz would live to be 16 years old, I would have seriously doubted their logic. I mean, don’t most kamikaze pilots have a shortened life expectancy? What a blessing Buzz has been. As a youngster Buzz never held back. It […]

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IFCS 2012 Weekend Recap

Posted on 05/14/12 37 Comments

Well another IFCS World Championships has come and gone. This one a bit different in that it was right here in North America. Unfortunately for me, a week before the event, I threw my back out and was unsure if I would even be able to compete! I missed both days of our team practice […]

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