This is another great video clip for you with Conan O’Brien interviewing comedian Lewis CK.  “Louie” is talking about how amazing life is right now and yet how “non contributing zeros” can still find something to complain about.  Basically the clip is about gratitude and appreciating all that is good with the world we live in.  Although hysterically funny, there is so much truth in the clip, especially if you spend any time on those email chat-lists. It scares me how brave/rude/critical people can get behind a computer screen, ouch!

So this one lets us all laugh at ourselves.

Today I am grateful for the fact WE ARE MOVING INTO THE NEW HOUSE THIS WEEKEND!!! Yes, finally, it is not absolutely completed but we are moving in while the weather is still agreeable.  Hmm only 4 1/2 months past our promised moving in date . . .  but wait, me saying that makes me a “spoiled idiot” doesn’t it?  So, how about I rephrase that to “OMG, we have a NEW house to move into and it is amazing, how grateful am I!  

Have a good one everyone and if you are near Alberton, Ontario this weekend stop by and lift the heavy end will ya?