Feature and I are nearing the end of our week here at Argus Ranch (in Auburn, Wa). Students have been great, I have my own house on site so I can cook my own dinner every evening (okay my vegan friends Mel and Helen King are here as well so I haven’t had to cook every night). I have managed worked out every morning before teaching and got in at least one training session a day with Feature.

Feature has had it great. As much as I am sure she misses running with Encore, she is enjoying her life as my “only dog”. On Wednesday she got a massage session and a swim in a beautiful therapy pool for dogs. In addition to all of that, Holly, who owns this wonderful facility, gave me some homemade dog treats for her. Feature loved them, I thought they were great for training, virtually no crumble, so here is the recipe.

Put into a Blender

3 raw eggs

1 can of sardines packed in olive oil

1 package (an inside sleeve not the entire box) of graham crackers

Mix until liquidy then pour onto a cookie sheet and spread out. Back at 350 F for approximately 20 minutes until it looks rubbery and light brown on top. Let cool then cut. Have at ’em, Feature loves them and I think they are terrific.

Got a good dog cookie recipe? Tell us why you like it & share it with the rest of us.

Today I am grateful for western hospitality.