2×2 Weave Pole Training Discoveries

Recently I responded to a post on a forum about someone struggling with their 2x2 training and wondering what they did wrong (or perhaps was the method flawed and not appropriate for all dogs). Obviously I feel the method works wonderfully for all dogs but [...]

2020-01-12T17:03:12-04:00January 14th, 2011|65 Comments

Being Present

Tony Robbins talks about being present for your spouse or kids. This is something I am guilty of with John, I know I need to work on it. You know what I mean. You are hammering away at the computer and your mate is trying [...]

2010-11-10T02:37:33-04:00November 10th, 2010|16 Comments

Can You Count On Peak Performance?

John Cullen is a great resource. I know I have mentioned him a several times over this past year but if you haven't checked out his blog you really should click here and do so. While you are there sign up to his mailing list. [...]

2020-01-21T15:18:17-04:00October 27th, 2010|6 Comments
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