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Puppy Preocuppiedatiousness

Feature’s puppy has taken over my life. I just can’t get any work done he is sooo darn cute, I can just sit and watch him all day long . . . and I do! He is no longer going by his puppy name of “Sid the Kid.” As cute as it was, he grew […]

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Non Reward Markers: Reducing the Use

It seems everyone has a slightly different slant on their application of Non Reward Markers (NRMs) in training. Here is a little more on my approach. First of all, I never use them in training during a value building session (shaping). Actually, I rarely use them at all while teaching anything. I can think of […]

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Try On Those Snow Shoes!

Last week my friend Lynda and I went for a walk with the dogs. Yes the snow was close to a meter deep (that is about a yard for our American friends) but the dogs didn’t care — they wanted their walk! Now walking up and down hills around the perimeter of our snow covered […]

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Is Good Dog Training Static or Dynamic?

We just wrapped up four days of puppy and young dog training. It started with our two day Advances in Dog Training (AiDT) and then rolled right into Critical Elements (the camp formerly known as puppy camp:)). As of January 2010 we now been honouring a policy that allows anyone that has attended AiDT once […]

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2×2 Weave Pole Training Discoveries

Recently I responded to a post on a forum about someone struggling with their 2×2 training and wondering what they did wrong (or perhaps was the method flawed and not appropriate for all dogs). Obviously I feel the method works wonderfully for all dogs but not necessarily for all trainers:). However I was hoping in […]

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Progress Not Perfection

As many of you know I am pretty big into continuing education. I am constantly enrolled in some course trying to learn something. At this time of year I end up having more time to digest some of this great information. One of the coaching groups I belong to has a mantra that I think is […]

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Colouring Outside the Lines

Yesterday I finished the last of 4 days teaching foundation handling workshops. A great group of enthusiastic students with a varied range of experience. Some handlers brand new to agility while others were coming back for a refresher after a year or so of trialing with their young dogs. However most of the 14 dogs […]

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Ever So Close!

Well my last agility event for 2010 has been put to bed. Encore and I had the honour of representing Canada at the American Kennel Club Invitational last weekend. The annual event has 5 of the highest pointed dogs of each breed that competed in the AKC shows each year go head to head in […]

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Lessons from Oz

Many years ago during my first trip to New Zealand I cracked up when I heard the handlers refer to a set of weave poles as the “weavers”. The concept stuck with me and both Encore and Feature’s weave cue for the weave poles is “w-e-a-v-e-r-s!”. So now a “square” will forever more be know to […]

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