Many years ago during my first trip to New Zealand I cracked up when I heard the handlers refer to a set of weave poles as the “weavers”. The concept stuck with me and both Encore and Feature’s weave cue for the weave poles is “w-e-a-v-e-r-s!”.

So now a “square” will forever more be know to me as a “slice”. When someone at home would offer you a “square” with your tea here in the land down under they are offering me a slice. Really sounds far more sexy than a square doesn’t it?

I think I will keep it.

In addition these Aussies insist on getting in their “smokos” twice a day. Smoko=coffee break. Strange since none of them smoke that I can see, but they won’t be missing their smoko.

I hate when I get my own lectures thrown back at me. When I teach I am  constantly reminding students in order to maintain focus from their dogs they need to step away from the work and give the dogs a “balance break.”

I am sure you can see where this is heading.

Smoko = balance breaks for the humans.

Crap, persecuted with my own logic.

Great group of people here, nice as always. They tell me I am not nearly as “scary” as I used to be . . . maybe they are just warming up to my daily thrashings.

Treating me well and this time I am not quite as homesick as usual. Must be the cellerciser. What?  You didn’t think I would leave home without one did you?

Today I am grateful that the tropical rain storms are so far hitting  us on lunch breaks, in the evening and during the odd smoko.