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But She is Still My Baby Dog . . .

Posted on 04/21/10 23 Comments

Well big news came in tonight, the CKC Agility Team Canada (FCI World Team) was named. I am very pleased to report that Missy Encore and baby Feature have both be named to the Large Dog team.   For Feature, being named to her 2nd World Team before her 3rd birthday is both exciting and […]

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A Notable Bookmark

Posted on 04/05/10 13 Comments

Road trip this past weekend. John, myself & all the dogs packed into the RV. We drove convoy style with John & Lynda and their trailer Penny & Yvon and their fifth wheel rig all the way down to Virginia for a three day trial. The trip down was longer then necessary due to some […]

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Need Your Input

Posted on 02/23/10 44 Comments

First of all thank you. All of your comments and concern really did wonders to get me out of my funk yesterday. You guys rock, I mean that, thank you. Now I need some input. I know many of you live in areas where Lyme disease is pretty hot. When we called the Vet yesterday […]

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Whoa is Me

Posted on 02/22/10 42 Comments

I haven’t written much in the last week because honestly each time I try to write I am overwhelmed by depressing thoughts that I don’t think belong here. I have always preserved this blog to be as uplifting as possible. However, I figured maybe by writing about what has gotten me down, I can move […]

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Ramblings from the Weekend

Posted on 02/08/10 6 Comments

Just a few thoughts from the three day seminar I just wrapped up here in Florida. I passed by this little tricket in the grass every day and I just had to take a snapshot of it on my last day. Yes I know it is just the squeeky out of a dog toy, but […]

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Random Barking Thoughts . . . or Barking Random Thoughts

Posted on 01/22/10 24 Comments

I just love this shot. Kristie Moser took in last weekend in Orlando. It is just a crack up. Encore doing all the talking, then there is me, lips pursed, as if trying not to compete with her voice. ********************************************** A lot of great comments about barking this week. Here are a few more thoughts. […]

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Noise Pollution

Posted on 01/20/10 50 Comments

Being that we are just wrapping up 6 days of camps in the last two weeks I need to make a comment about dogs that bark. Yes I realize this may be a bit of the pot calling the kettle black because if you have seen any video footage of my dogs you will know […]

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Sunday Afternoon’s Entertainment

Posted on 12/28/09 21 Comments Any stuffed toy will do when Buzzy is jones for a suckie.

For Buzz’s entire life he has had the habit of sucking on stuffed animals and kneading like a kitten, while holding the toy in his front paws. I wrote about this peculiarity in my book  “Shaping Success.” When Feature was a wee baby she used to suck & knead as well but it was always […]

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Puppies You Just Hafta Have . . .

Posted on 10/28/09 10 Comments Eight week old Shelby . . . oh the indignities our first dogs have endured.

So I have heard from some of you that you are curious why I did not mention Encore in my two posts last week about how I picked my puppies. It was for no reason in particular other than brevity, just as there was no reason why I didn’t mention how I selected my first […]

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World Championship Wrap Up

Posted on 09/21/09 26 Comments Team picture at the venue in Dornbirn

I am sitting at the airport Monday morning waiting to board our plane back home. Our 2nd FCI Championship experience is over. I will post some of my runs later but unfortunately I haven’t been able to see my last run as it was accidentally not recorded with my camera. No medals to come home […]

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